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What’s new in Zetadocs Delivery and Zetadocs Capture March 2023 update

Discounts, dimensions, prepayments and much more…

Greg Cole

This article describes the new features and other improvements in the March 2023 update of the Zetadocs Delivery and Zetadocs Capture Extension for Business Central.

Release date, version and availability 

April 3, 2023 (version 3.0.23087) available for download for on-premises Business Central systems from the release date, and on Microsoft AppSource for Business Central Online systems within ten working days of this release date.

NOTE: The Zetadocs Delivery and Zetadocs Capture Extension name in AppSource is now Zetadocs - AP automation and bulk emailing, to reflect the solutions the extension supports.

Changes in this update 

Feature enhancements

Zetadocs Capture’s AP Automation add-on has further been enhanced this release with the following features:

Processing line discounts and invoice discounts

Invoice level discounts are now part of the invoice recognition process and will be set on the Zetadocs Preview screen header. Zetadocs will also copy the Inv. Discount Amount from the purchase order during order matching if it’s been set.

Line level discounts are also be copied from the line discount field on the purchase order during order matching. If set, these discounts are carried over to the Preview screen. When required, discounts can also be altered to match the actual discount given by the supplier. Discounts for line items are remembered, saving you time when you process these discounted items again.

Setting dimensions on the Preview screen

Using Business Central’s Personalization feature, you can now add the 8 shortcut dimensions to both the Zetadocs Preview screen, and the order matching screen.

Any dimensions set on these screens will be remembered, again saving you more time when you process these items again. Additionally, any dimensions set on matched order lines are copied to the purchase invoice in Business Central.

Processing prepayments

Some suppliers require a downpayment before they will ship their goods. There is a new Prepayment Invoice document type available on the Zetadocs Preview screen to facilitate processing these prepayment invoices. Once the Prepayment document type is selected, Zetadocs will pick up the prepayment percentage from the matched purchase order lines.

Zetadocs will then post the prepayment invoice amounts to the Business Central Purchase Prepayments Account. When the supplier sends their balancing invoice for processing, Zetadocs will post the purchase invoice items as normal. This deducts the prepayments so that the posted purchase invoice is balanced.

Key value pairs to drive custom business logic

Zetadocs now analyzes your documents to extract keys and associated values in addition to the standard invoice values. These key value pairs can be used with the Zetadocs Capture SDK to set additional fields or values when creating purchase invoices in Business Central.

This new capability is helpful in scenarios where information has been included by the supplier in the invoice header, that is required to set additional information on the invoice lines. For example, a job number listed on the supplier invoice can be used to set dimensions or job details on the purchase invoice created.

Warehouse receipts

When using the warehousing module in Business Central, warehouse receipts are required to receive goods to the specified location.

If you are using Zetadocs to receive items automatically, then Zetadocs will now also create a posted warehouse receipt in addition to the posted purchase receipt and copies the item’s location code to the purchase invoice it creates.

Document preview available for all Document Queues

You can now set Zetadocs to preview PDF documents in the document viewer pane on non-automated data entry queues, using the create purchase invoice and create credit memo queue actions. This feature is enabled with a new Show Document Preview setting per document queue.

This side-by-side document viewer can be useful when you are processing handwritten or non-structured invoices, where it is simpler to type in the line values manually.

Document Queue comments

It is now possible to add comments to documents in the Zetadocs Document Queue list.

Comments are useful when you have a query with the supplier that needs to be resolved before you can process their invoice. You can add comments with up to 250 characters.

Auto match filtering enhancements

When auto matching order lines to invoice lines, Zetadocs only selects matches from the filtered order lines.

By default, orders are filtered by the purchase order number recognized on the supplier invoice. If the suppliers invoice spans multiple orders, or no order number is specified, additional filters can now be set on the order line columns to reduce the number of order lines displayed for order matching.

Improved item visibility when order matching

When order matching, Zetadocs now splits the number of items outstanding into separate Qty. to Receive and Qty. to Invoice columns.

This helps to improve visibility of what Zetadocs is going to receive and invoice during partial matching scenarios.

Partial matching improvements

Zetadocs will now offer to receive the remaining line items for partially received line items when those items have not also been invoiced.

If the supplier invoice has more items than already received, then Zetadocs will offer to receipt the remainder, as it does when no items are received or when those items have also been invoiced.

Override invoice description with order line description

A new Zetadocs rule option, Copy Order Line Description, has been added. This can be set when you want to replace the captured invoice line description with the matched purchase order line description.

This option can be set on a per Document Queue basis using a Zetadocs System Rule, or using a Zetadocs Vendor Rule on a per supplier basis, and accommodates mixed cases where you wish to use the Business Central order line description in some cases and the suppliers invoice line description in others.

Quality and performance improvements 

This update includes a number of quality and performance improvements, including the following: 

Unable to process invoices with long invoice numbers

Resolved an issue processing invoices with very long invoice numbers. Business Central supports invoice numbers of up to 35 characters. If the invoice number exceeds that, then Zetadocs will truncate characters from the front on the invoice number.

Filenames with a hashtag # block Document Queue processing

Zetadocs would report “the file could not be found” when processing documents with some special characters. Zetadocs will now process supplier invoices that contain special characters like hashtags in the filename so that these documents no longer need to be renamed.

Unable to process certain line items

Invoice line items containing special characters like angle brackets < > or Asterix * in the line item name, would fail processing. Zetadocs will now replace these characters in the line description with underscores, so that these line items are reliably processed, and remembered for processing next time.

Order matching feature unavailable on BC15 and earlier

Fixed access to the Match To Order Lines button from the Zetadocs Preview screen on Business Central 15 and 14 systems.

VAT Prod. Posting Group validation error

Resolved a validation error when there is an invalid VAT Bus. Posting Group and VAT Prod. Posting group combination. Zetadocs now revalidates the VAT posting groups when the vendor is changed on the Preview screen.

Units are not copied from matched order line

Fixed an issue where the unit of measure (UOM) e.g. PCS, is not copied from the matched order line when creating the purchase invoice, typically in cases when the matched item does not have a default UOM set.

Incorrect time zone on Document Queue

The document date displayed in the Zetadocs Document Queue would always show GMT time. Zetadocs now displays the document date/time for the SharePoint site local time zone.

Unit cost value incorrectly formatted on Preview screen

Zetadocs now uses the default Region to format numbers for vendors with a blank Country/Region code. Set the vendor’s Country/Region if Zetadocs is not using the correct formatting for the supplier invoice.

Zetadocs Outbox shows "Category 4" instead of Zetadocs label

Resolved and issue where the Zetadocs Actions used the default Business Central labels e.g. "Category 4". Zetadocs now displays the correct label on all Zetadocs pages.

Known issues with released features

Archive fails when company name ends in %

During a document upload, Zetadocs reports it encountered an error, stating the file could not be found. This can happen when the Business Central company name contains a %. This issue will be addressed in a future update.

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