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What’s new in Zetadocs Delivery and Zetadocs Capture February 2023 update

Processing item variants and quality improvements

Greg Cole

This article describes the new features and other improvements in the February 2023 update of the Zetadocs Delivery and Zetadocs Capture Extension for Business Central.

Release date, version and availability 

February 21, 2023 (version 3.0.23050) available for download for on-premises Business Central systems from the release date, and on Microsoft AppSource for Business Central Online systems within ten working days of this release date.

Changes in this update 

Feature enhancements

Process item variants

Zetadocs Capture’s AP Automation add-on has been enhanced this release with the ability to match invoice line items to Business Central items with variant codes.

Visibility of the Variant Code on the Zetadocs matching and preview screens is enabled using Business Central’s Personalization feature so that this column is only visible for customers that need to process item variants.

Zetadocs will remember which invoice line items you match to which item variants, saving you time when you process these items again.

Quality and performance improvements 

This update includes a number of quality and performance improvements, including the following: 

Better feedback for transient and configuration issues

Improved Zetadocs error messages for several delivery and capture scenarios where a retry of the last action will most likely resolve the problem.

Additionally, feedback on common configuration errors e.g. Send on behalf of permission not assigned, have been improved, and in most cases give advice on how to remedy the issue without needing to contact support.

Documents FactBox ordering

Resolved a longstanding issue with the ordering of documents in the Zetadocs Documents FactBox.

The latest 50 documents are shown in the Documents FactBox, ordered newest to oldest. Older documents can be viewed directly in Microsoft 365 SharePoint Online.

Underscore displayed instead of apostrophe on received email

Fixed an issue in Zetadocs Delivery where apostrophes in the email subject line were replaced by an underscore.

Special characters like apostrophes in names and descriptions are now represented correctly in emails sent using Zetadocs Delivery.

SharePoint document type always set to Zetadocs

Resolved a longstanding issue where the ZetadocsDocumentType metadata field was always set to Zetadocs when archiving the document in Microsoft 365 SharePoint Online.

Zetadocs now correctly sets the fixed value defined for ZetadocsDocumentType in the Zetadocs Metadata Mappings table.

Underscore displayed instead of apostrophe on received mail

Fixed an issue where apostrophes in the email subject line  a longstanding issue with the ordering of documents in the Zetadocs Documents FactBox.

Special characters like apostrophes in names and descriptions are now saved correctly with Zetadocs Delivery.

SharePoint connection fails for GCC High when default domain is

Resolved an issue for Microsoft 365 Government customers using GCC High where their Microsoft Azure default domain is set to

Zetadocs now supports GCC High customers with a mix of Microsoft 365 domain addresses.

Better performance with Microsoft 365

Improved the way the Zetadocs Cloud Service, used by both Zetadocs Delivery and Zetadocs Capture, handles its connections to Microsoft 365.

Customers should now see better performance when running large batch delivery jobs and other workloads with a large number of items.

Sending fails on French language systems for some documents

Fixed an invalid table filter that resulted in some documents, like Remittance Advice failing with an invalid filter error when additional recipients are applied.

All document types now work as expected on all supported language systems with additional recipients.

Known issues with released features

Order matching feature unavailable on BC15 and earlier

Unable to access the Match To Order Lines button from the Zetadocs Preview screen on Business Central 15 and 14 systems. The previous extension version remains available from the downloads page until the issue is resolved.

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