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You need fax technology in some capacity. But do you still need a fax machine?

In 1843, The Economist newspaper first published. The same year, one of the unsung heroes of modern technology was born. The fax machine. The system, which started as an ‘electric printing telegraph’, has outlasted seasoned innovations, such as the cassette player and floppy disk.

The reliable fax machine has been trusted for years. Think of a time you had to send an original signature, urgently. Perhaps it was a signed credit agreement, confidential patient record, or events booking proposal that could only be sent and received by fax for compliance, regulatory or legal reasons.

Yes, we used the fax years ago. But why, in the age of nine billion connected devices, text messages, emails and instant messenger, do we still use it? Well, for the same compliance, regulatory or legal reasons we used it for years ago.


Whatever your reason for faxing, you need three things from the system: reliability, speed and confirmation that it has been successfully received. In short, proof. The traditional method would be to feed it into a fax machine and hope it lands at its destination. Optimism is hardly an ideal or efficient practice, particularly if you’re sending the fax because of those all-important legal reasons.

With Zetafax, there is a better way. It is a software that matches up and integrates with today’s fast-paced, connected world. The physical fax is long gone. In its place is an electronic format. It is both transmitted and archived via the electronic fax server. You receive an email back to your inbox to confirm receipt of your fax, eliminating uncertainty altogether.

Fax impact

The impact of a modern-day fax has been experienced by our customers. Take our customer in car financing. They lost business to competitors as signed applications for credit slowed the car-buying process down. Not only did the archaic fax machine bottleneck the sale, it was unreliable and didn’t produce legible documents, or, guarantee receipt.

Zetafax helped our motor finance customer by getting rid of that long-standing manual procedure. With that, their employees’ frustrations decreased. It freed them up to respond quickly and with ease to new clients, with an offer of credit.

The fax is necessary in today’s world, and whether you use it twice a day or 40,000 times a month, you need the right system in place to sign, fax and deliver critical documents, with no fuss.




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