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Like most other companies, professional services organisations use multiple business systems to operate effectively. However, the real efficiencies only come when these disparate systems are setup to talk to each other.

Once a PSO has decided that their business has outgrown spreadsheets and implemented a system like Timemaster for timekeeping and work in progress (WIP), they usually want to streamline their invoicing or automate the transfer of sales invoices to their finance system for accounting purposes next.

SAP to Sage

Timemaster has always supported a wide range of integrations to leading finance packages, from the ever popular Sage 50, to the all-powerful SAP.

Our Sage integration is deep, giving customers the option to send Timemaster sales invoices into Sage, allowing aged debtor and normal accountancy functions. It can also export Timemaster staff expenses into Sage for payment to employees and even import Sage purchase invoices into Timemaster for full project accounting.

Setup is simple enough and once the mapping of Account Codes, Nominal Code and Tax Codes to their Timemaster equivalents are complete, there’s one less manual data entry process to worry about.

Xero hassle

Recently we’ve seen a trend away from deploying these finance solutions on premise to ones which are cloud-based and delivered to customers as software as a service (SaaS).

We therefore added support for the very popular online accounting package, Xero. Once a similar finance code’s mapping process is done and you’ve authorised Timemaster to access your organisation in My Xero, all approved invoices generated in Timemaster can be exported to Xero at the touch of a button.

New Xero contacts are automatically created if they don’t exist when the invoice is exported and current contacts are updated during the transfer.

These online systems work just as well with Timemaster deployed on premise as part of a hybrid system as they do with our own Timemaster cloud service.


We’ve just announced the addition of Intuit QuickBooks Online in the latest release of Timemaster, giving you the option to export Timemaster sales invoices and help streamline your finance functions.

We understand these newer web technologies and Internet APIs make interfacing with these cloud solutions pretty similar. Please tell us the cloud-based finance solution you are using so you can make best use of our software because we’d love to help you make your business become more efficient.

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