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Adding support for Business Central on premises deployments

Adding support for Business Central on premises deployments

Zetadocs Version 11.0 available for download

Greg Cole

I’m happy to announce the release of Zetadocs version 11.0 today.

Version 11.0 adds support for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central on premises deployments, “NAV-free” livery and allows partners to approach code-customised Zetadocs upgrades the same way they have previous upgrades.

On premises now

Version 11.0 of Zetadocs Delivery and Zetadocs Capture adds support for on premises deployments of Business Central within our 90-days promise of the Business Central October ’18 update.

Partners upgrading their Dynamics NAV on premises and private hosted customers to Business Central will not be delayed as we strive for them to be able to say yes to their customers as soon as they can.

New livery

Now that Dynamics NAV has been renamed to Business Central, the “for NAV” part of the Zetadocs for NAV suite of document management add-ons has been dropped. This ensures our name remains relevant for new Business Central customers and NAV customers alike.

Zetadocs livery

You’ll be able to see these changes in the software, documentation and help, and throughout our website over the next few weeks.

Frictionless upgrades

Version 11.0 can be code-customised in C/AL, as in all previous Zetadocs versions, by extending special Zetadocs code units provided specifically for this purpose, containing these changes to Zetadocs objects only.

As a result, there is no urgency for partners to migrate their Business Central on premises customers’ Zetadocs customisations to per tenant AL extensions. This removes any risk from their upgrades.

Updated Document Converter (coming early 2019)

The Zetadocs Server, responsible for converting scanned files and reading barcodes, is also being updated to use a new ABBYY engine to improve performance and make more efficient use of the monthly page count limit.

We’ll provide more information on the availability of this update in early 2019, when we expect this update to be available as a separate download for version 11.0 customers, as well as all supported Zetadocs Capture customers.

Cloud ready pricing

The Zetadocs Delivery and Zetadocs Capture subscription and perpetual pricing for on premises deployments of Business Central and NAV remain unchanged for the version 11.0 release.

Cloud ready pricing is now available as part of the v11.0 release for partners that wish to start building document management and expenses management into their new business proposals for Business Central in 2019.

AppSource next

AppSource versions of Zetadocs Delivery and Zetadocs Capture are coming next. These will be able to be deployed on Business Central via AppSource, but also by partners to Business Central on premises using PowerShell scripts for those customers that wish to be fully cloud ready with extension only apps, allowing them to fully transition to the cloud when they want to.

There is lots of work to be done between now and the Spring ’19 update, which is when we hope that Zetadocs Delivery and Zetadocs Capture AppSource apps will be #ReadyToGo.

Ready to go?

Find out more about Zetadocs version 11.0 by watching our webinars for sales teams and technical consultants now.

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