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With the joys of spring in the air, we asked our Zetadocs account managers (Adam, Catherine, Mitch and Ryan) to share their 5 minute thoughts on document management, including feedback from customers, recent updates and what the future holds.

Question: In your opinion what is the main benefit a customer gets from using document management software with NAV?

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Catherine: Imagine it – you’re searching for a single document in a room full of filing cabinets, a document which you can only hope has been filed in the right place and still exists! Electronic document management with NAV eliminates paper-based processes and makes everything you need available on-screen almost instantaneously. The benefit is a no-brainer. 

Mitch: For me, it’s the ability to streamline the repetitive unproductive task of filing financial documentation. In some cases, we have spoken with organizations that spend an hour each day filing documents – time that can now be spent on other more fruitful tasks.

Adam: Document management is a broad term, however customers often comment that they like how Zetadocs allows documents to be shared throughout the organization – regardless of whether they use NAV or not. They also like the ability to alter and personalize the overlays used in their communications without the need to alter NAV reports. They can make any changes themselves without the need to involve their NAV partner or incur any additional costs!

Q: Zetadocs recently introduced a network folder archive option, why?

Mitch: Simple, customer and partner feedback. Over the course of the last year, we’ve heard from several companies that saw the benefits that implementing a document management system could provide, however, they did not have the internal resource available to maintain SharePoint. Allowing documents to be archived to a network folder allows any organization to deploy the solution with minimal impact to their existing IT infrastructure.

Ryan: Equisys has long used SharePoint to store documents that are archived or captured using Zetadocs.  SharePoint was a natural fit since it is part of the Microsoft stack and used by many organizations that run NAV. That said, there are many businesses who want to take advantage of Zetadocs, but do not have SharePoint in place. We wanted to develop Zetadocs so that even more organizations that run Microsoft Dynamics NAV can use Zetadocs.

Q: How do you see people using document management in the future?

Adam: For me, ‘document management’ in the true sense of the word will not be complete until we achieve a ‘paperless office’. From engaging with customers and Microsoft Partners, I believe the logical next step is to take electronically captured documents like Purchase Invoices and have them sent for approval without the need for duplicating paper or processes. The desire to share information with the wider business organization, rather than just amongst core ERP users, is growing. Using web based platforms such as Windows Azure, the technology on which Zetadocs Payables Approval is deployed, is a key enabler in this regard. Also, unless you have been living under a rock, you will be aware of the rapid growth of Office 365 – it’s becoming a must have in all new NAV implementations!

Ryan: Currently when people hear document management they think of scanning paper documents so that they’re securely stored and readily available for retrieval. Moving forward I see organizations using these electronic documents to automate and streamline business processes even more. Electronic approval is a prime example.  Instead of physically circulating documents to approvers, documents can be electronically delivered to approvers along with key data from the ERP system. The net result is an elimination of bottlenecks in the approval process, a more efficient AP department and a better relationship with suppliers.

Q: What is the biggest motivator for customers when considering a document management solution?

Catherine: Efficiency. The key word that all businesses are thriving to accomplish. Improving efficiency in document management can have considerably positive impacts on time, effort and cost. All of which inevitably can help companies reach any corporate goal.

Ryan: There are tremendous cost savings and customer service enhancements to be gained by going paperless.  These core motivators will not change for a long time. However, while some organizations have “green” initiatives in place today, moving forward, the idea of becoming more ecologically friendly will become a more and more important focus for businesses globally. Document management is a natural starting point for companies looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

Adam: Without doubt, integration. Having to work between disparate systems can be frustrating, time consuming and involve process duplication. Document management also has the ability to offer greater levels of customer service and reduce customer enquiry times by having all the relevant customer documents, such as previous orders or invoices, available on screen, instantly, to provide swift resolution and assistance.

Mitch: Time. When organizations conduct an in-depth review of their current paper based processes, whether it be the sending of invoices through the mail or payment approvals, it becomes abundantly clear how much time is wasted shuffling paper.

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