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PRB: Exporting fax to PDF from the Zetafax Viewer results in a low quality PDF



ID: ZTN1947

This Zetafax technical note applies to:

  • Zetafax 2012 Platform Feature Pack


When a fax message is exported as PDF using the Zetafax Viewer, a low quality PDF is produced.


The Zetafax Client used a third party library for converting tiff files to pdf which did not support 64bit systems and was temporarily replaced with a 64-bit compatible conversion mechanism. The new conversion mechanism was not configured to produce high quality PDFs.


This issue has been resolved in the Windows Client Update for Zetafax 2012 available here. This is free of charge to customers with a Software Assurance contract which is current at the time of release. Please note: To install the update you must have first installed the Zetafax 2012 Platform Feature Pack.


This behaviour was corrected in the above mentioned update.

Last updated: 4thOctober 2013 (WK/MW)

Keywords: Zetafax Viewer export low quality PDF

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