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INFO: Using Zetafax with SAP



ID: ZTN1031

This Zetafax technical note applies to:

  • Zetafax


Zetafax does not currently include direct integration with the SAP product range. However the options available in the standard product and with the Zetafax API can be used to send faxes from SAP Client applications with little or no integration work.

Users can send faxes directly from client applications using the Print to fax feature. The embedded commands feature available with the Zetafax API also enables recipient details to be included in the document being printed – these will be processed by the Zetafax Client program to address and send the fax automatically after printing, without needing recipient details to be stored separately in Zetafax. For sites where there is a need to integrate with the SAP Server for submitting faxes, the Zetafax API also includes the ZSUBMIT feature, which enables faxes to be submitted by storing the fax content (in a range of file formats) together with a text file giving recipient details.

Finally there are a range of third party products available that can be used with Zetafax to provide further options as part of an extended output management solution.

More information

There are a number of SAP output management software products available which integrate with Zetafax, including the following:

Formscape - http://www.formscape.com/

Streamserve - http://www.streamserve.com/

Last updated: 30th September 2009 (GC/GW)

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