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HOWTO: Upgrade to the latest version of Zetadocs Express



HOWTO: Upgrade to the latest version of Zetadocs Express

ID: ZTN4245

This Zetadocs technical note applies to:

·         Zetadocs Express


This technote details the steps required to update your Zetadocs Express system to the latest release. Users can tell if they already have version 7.1 installed by checking their current product version by viewing the About Box for Zetadocs Express. This can be viewed by selecting the question mark button located in the bottom right of the drag and drop area of the Documents Factbox. If you are using NAV 2013 R2 or later and Web Client Document Factbox functionality open the Documents menu and select About Zetadocs.

The latest version of Zetadocs Express contains several new features, details of which can be found ZTN4432.

More information

To upgrade your Zetadocs Express installation to the latest version you simply need to install the latest version of the Zetadocs Express Client, NAV objects and check the configuration.

Updating the Zetadocs Express Client

·         First open Programs and Features and uninstall Zetadocs Express.

·         Navigate to your product download, open the Zetadocs Express Client folder and run the setup.exe file.

·         You may be presented with a UAC warning depending on your settings, following that you will receive a message asking if you wish to run the setup.exe installer.

·         Click Next to continue before reviewing the End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

·         Once you have read and are satisfied with the EULA, select the I accept option and then Next to continue.

·         On the next screen select Install to install the various components, you will then be asked to click Finish once the install is complete.

Updating the NAV Objects

·         Open NAV Development Environment (Classic Client) and in the Object Designer import the relevant fob file e.g. for NAV 2009 R2, Zetadocs Express Objects – NAV6.10.fob file from the Zetadocs Express folder of your product download.

·         If you are intending to use a language other than English, you will need to import the relevant language module, otherwise move onto checking the configuration.

Note: If you are using NAV 2013 R2 to NAV 2016 you must carry out the additional steps in ZTN4301 before proceeding with the steps below.

·         Select All objects in the object designer, then filter the list on the column Version List using the value *ZDX*.

·         Navigate to Tools->Language module->Import.

·         Browse to the Language Modules folder of your product download and import the relevant language module.

Installing the Web Client Document FactBox Add-in (NAV 2013 R2 and later only)

If you are installing the Web Client Document FactBox Add-in for the first time, simply run the Server Extensions setup file located in the folder Zetadocs NAV Server Extensions in the Zetadocs Express installation folder.

If you are upgrading an existing installation (from version 6.1) you will need to follow these steps:

·         Stop the Dynamics NAV service and close any NAV programs (e.g. RTC or Development environment)

·         Go to the server Add-ins folder and delete the Zetadocs folder both from the Service folder and the RTC folder.

·         Run the installer located in the Zetadocs NAV Server Extension folder that is present in your Zetadocs Express installation folder.

·         Start the Dynamics NAV service

Zetadocs Archive Upgrade

Zetadocs Archive does not create a backup of your system, please visit ZTN4291 for how to create a backup if needed.

If Zetadocs Archive is already installed please follow the additional steps:

·         Go to the start menu and search for Services.msc.

·         Stop the Zetadocs Archive Service.

·         Reinstall it following the steps in the Installation guide. You may need to confirm that you are upgrading to the last Zetadocs Archive Service in the dialog.

·         Start the Zetadocs Archive Service.

Checking the Zetadocs Express Configuration

The inclusion of the Zetadocs Archive in the previous release means that archiving is no longer simply on or off as before, as such the Archiving enabled option has been replaced with drop down menu to specify your archive settings. This defaults to Off so those with SharePoint archiving will need to check their archiving settings and set this to SharePoint. Those interested in new installations of Zetadocs Archive should consult the Installation guide for further information.

·         Return to the Object Designer, select the Zetadocs General Settings Page (9041210), and click Run.

·         Click the Edit button and select your Archiving method:

  • Off - Zetadocs will not attempt to archive items.
  • SharePoint
  • Zetadocs Archive

·         If you are using SharePoint for your archive, input your SharePoint site or site collection address as required, this is the bold section shown here:  https://equisys.SharePoint.com/sites/MicrosoftDynamics/default.aspx.

Note: Please ensure that you have only included the site collection address and not the specific page reference which appears at the end.

o    Once you have added a site address click the test button at the end of the field to verify it.

o    If you have activated Zetadocs Workflows and wish to view the approval status, check the Document Workflow option.

Modify Addin Configuration file

When upgrading to version 7.1 of Zetadocs Express from v6.1.338 there is a manual modification step that needs to be done in the Addin Configuration file:

1.     Browse to %AppData%\Equisys\Zetadocs

2.     Open for edit ZetadocsExpress.config

3.     Remove the following lines:




INFO: Whats new in Zetadocs Express

Last updated 22nd October 2015 (MW/JV/WK/JC)

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