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HOWTO: Perform an upgrade from version 4.0 to 4.1 of Zetadocs for NAV



ID: ZTN4115

This Zetadocs technical note applies to:

  • Version 4.1 of Zetadocs for NAV


This technote explains how to perform an upgrade from version 4.0 to version 4.1 of Zetadocs for NAV.

More information

Upgrading your Zetadocs for NAV system has three main stages shown below which will update your system to the Zetadocs for NAV v4.1 specification. The following process should enable you to upgrade from a Zetadocs for NAV v4.0 system, for details on installing from earlier versions please contact Equisys technical support at support@equisys.com.

  • Zetadocs Server
  • Zetadocs for NAV Client
  • Zetadocs for NAV Objects

Zetadocs Server

The Zetadocs Document Queue folders contain captured documents and display them in the relevant document queue. The files in the converted folders need to be deleted before the upgrade process.

  • Locate the existing Zetadocs for NAV Document Queue Folders. These will be specified in your Zetadocs Sales/Purchase Queue Setup Forms in the Zetadocs Setup à Advanced Settings section of NAV Administration.
  • Make sure that the Zetadocs Document Converter service is not running.

  • Open the document queues and delete all files from the content of the hidden subfolder ‚_Converted‛ . (To view hidden folders you will need to modify the folder options of Windows)

  • Continue with the upgrade.

The Zetadocs Server can be upgraded by running the installation program from the CD, simply:

  • Log in with Administrator rights and deactivate the User Account Control (UAC), click here for details on doing this.
  • Uninstall your existing copy of the Zetadocs Server via Add/Remove Programs.
  • Run the Zetadocs for Microsoft Dynamics software CD or software download.
  • Select the install option for your product version from the main menu.
  • Then select the Zetadocs Server option.
  • The installation program will run, proceed through the wizard and on completion you will be asked to restart your system before the changes can take effect.

Zetadocs for NAV Client

The Zetadocs for NAV Client is installed in 3 separate parts:

  • Zetadocs PDF
  • Zetadocs API Runtime
  • Zetadocs NAV Client

To upgrade to version 4.1 each of these components will need to be uninstalled via Add/Remove Programs.  Once these components have been uninstalled an installation of version 4.1 of Zetadocs for NAV can be performed.

Version 4.1 of Zetadocs for NAV now supports installation via group policy.  For details on how to use group policy to install Zetadocs for NAV please refer to section 27.5 of the Zetadocs for Microsoft Dynamics NAV Installation Guide.  Alternatively please refer to section 6 of the Zetadocs for Microsoft Dynamics NAV Installation Guide for standard installation instructions.

Zetadocs for NAV Objects

The configuration for Zetadocs version 4.0 will work for Zetadocs version 4.1 once the new objects are imported, but we strongly recommend that the current configuration is backed up for security reasons. The following steps will tell you how to back up the Zetadocs for NAV objects before you upgrade.

  • Open the NAV Classic Client and log on to the database.
  • Navigate to the (Administration tab --> Application Setup --> Zetadocs Setup).
  • Run the Zetadocs Configuration Export form.
  • Run the export to save the configuration data to an XML file.

Note that all the reports that were created for Zetadocs version 4.0 will work with Zetadocs version 4.1 without any modifications. Therefore, there is no need to export them during the upgrade process.

You are now ready to import the Zetadocs for NAV 4.1 objects in your database. The instructions given here are for NAV 6.0 SP1. You must pick the file that’s appropriate for the version of NAV you are using.

From NAV, import the Zetadocs for NAV 4.1 Objects – NAV6.01.fob file. You will be prompted to open the Import Worksheet – say No to open the Import Worksheet.

Once all the Zetadocs for NAV objects have been imported, ensure that the configuration has been kept intact. Recover configuration from the backup xml file if needed.


Zetadocs for Microsoft Dynamics NAV Installation Guide

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