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ID: ZTN2044

This Zetalink technical note applies to:

  • Zetalink


This document, details issues in previous versions of Zetalink that have been addressed in this release of Zetalink.


Windows Security

  1. The implementation of the NT security model has been improved resolving a number of issues. The technote for the security patch for Zetalink 1.0 describes the changes in detail (technote ZTN2026 available from the Equisys website). Zetalink 2.0 has these changes integrated with the installation program.
  2. The NT authentication option for access to the Zetalink database was not correctly implemented during installation in Zetalink 1.0. This issue has been resolved for Zetalink 2.0.

Support for clustered Exchange 2000 servers

Zetalink 2.0 supports Microsoft Exchange 2000 server installed in a clustered Windows 2000 Advanced server or Datacenter server environment. For details on installing Zetalink in a network that has a cluster server please refer to Equisys technical note ZTN2043-HOWTO Install the Zetalink Exchange Server 2000 components on a cluster system.

Installation and Configuration

Installation of Zetalink 1.0 components on a BDC (Backup domain controller) resulted in errors when configuring and replicating user permissions in this environment. These issues have been resolved for Zetalink 2.0.

Alert Rules

  1. Zetalink alert rules require the configuration of various settings on user's mailboxes as well as entries in the Zetalink database. With Zetalink 1.0 these settings could have discrepancies between them for a number of reasons* and the resolution to this problem would be to delete, then recreate all the rules using the Zetalink user configuration website. With Zetalink 2.0 a 'repair' feature has been added which can be run on a per-user or per-Exchange server basis. This feature ensures that the settings on users' mailboxes are correctly synchronised with the alert rules listed in the Zetalink database.

*One example is if the site has been upgraded from Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2000.

  1. The 'Where my name is in the To field' filter for new email alert rules only worked in Zetalink 1.0 if the entry in the 'To' filed matched the capitalisation of the user's mailbox name. In Zetalink 2.0 the comparison is done ignoring case.
  2. In Zetalink 1.0 meeting reminder alerts would not be sent for recurring meetings. This issue has been resolved for Zetalink 2.0.


ZTN2043-HOWTO Install the Zetalink Exchange Server 2000 components on a cluster system

Last updated: 22 May 2002 (GS/SV)

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