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FIX: FOIP Standard Edition Update Release



ID: ZTN1812

This Zetafax technical note applies to:

  • Zetafax 2010


An Update Release has been released for Zetafax 2010 to enhance the FOIP Connector (Standard Edition). These improvements are listed below.

More information

The following improvements are available from this Update Release:

  • Added AudioCodes T38 Gateway support.
    • Mediant 600
    • Mediant 800
    • Mediant 1000
    • mp-1XX
  • General performance upgrades.
  • Issues resolved in this release:
    • Failed faxes cause the device to stay on the sending/receiving status for 30 minutes, causing the device controller to be unavailable for that amount of time, even though the lines are actually free.
    • Incorrect status messages during faxing. With certain scenarios, the error messages logged out by Zetafax are unclear as to the actual cause of a problem with a particular fax.
    • Taking any FOIP Standard Edition device offline, then online again during receipt of a fax on another channel causes the receiving channel to fail and lose the image data so far. Zetafax now does not fail the fax on the unrelated channel.
    • Reserving incoming-only FOIP Standard Edition channels reserves the incoming channel from the first device rather than the last one. This behaviour was incorrect as Zetafax device controllers start receiving from the last device by default so has been changed to reserve incoming only channels from the last device up.
    • No logging occurs for FOIP Standard Edition device controllers after taking a device online from an offline state.
    • CLI information is not passed in when receiving faxes from a FOIP Standard Edition device.
    • When FOIP Standard Edition is configured incorrectly, a TRAP error message dialog appears and Zetafax Server shuts down immediately after the dialog boxes are closed. The TRAP dialog no longer appears, instead, Zetafax Server logs out an error message and stays running but with the device controllers being inactive after several attempts to initialise.
    • Cannot take FOIP devices offline if another device group is configured on the Zetafax Server.
    • Setting an offline device to online causes issues with subsequent receive operations in certain situations.
    • Zetafax Server having to kill processes when exiting the server. This is no longer an issue when debug logging is disabled.
    • Remote fax IDs appear as strange characters.
    • Voice answering a call results in immediate retry. This now puts the call into the retry queue. See reference below for additional information.

This issue can also be resolved by upgrading to a more recent version.

Download Information

Click here to Download the Update Release.

NOTE - This update is available to customers with a current Software Assurance contract, and requires a current username and password to be entered before download. Software Assurance customers without these details should contact their local distributor or Equisys at support@equisys.com with their entitlement details to obtain their password.


ZTN1770 - FIX: An error message is displayed on start up of the Zetafax server after configuring a FOIP device


This issue was corrected in Zetafax 2011.

Last updated: 19 May 2011 (NT/MW)

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