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PRB: Trouble shooting guide for Zetadocs for Accounting.



ID: ZTN3015

This Zetadocs technical note applies to:

  • Zetadocs for Accounting version 3 and later


The following technote deals with the most common issues that have been recorded by the Zetadocs for Accounting technical support team.  By following the advice below, these issues can be resolved.

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Difficulties entering the activation code resulting in the error code:

Error: "Registration Code Was Not Accepted"

Possible Solutions:

  1. Double check that the activation code that you have been given has been entered correctly, if in doubt it is worth getting a second opinion. 

All codes should be in the following format: 12345-123456789

When entering your activation code you must include the dash between the two sets of numbers.

  1. Zetadocs for accounting registration can only be done if the computer it is being registered on is connected to the internet. 

To make sure there is an active Internet connection on the machine you are installing ZDA. To test, open Internet Explorer and go to http://www.equisys.com/.

  1. You should also be aware that as an extra measure of security, Zetadocs will compare the Company name that you provide here with Company name that was entered on your order form.  It is often worth trying possible alternatives to ensure you get an exact match.

Note: Activation code is per user per machine. If you have reinstalled ZDA, you will need to reactivate the activation code for that user on that machine. Please contact your reseller or Equisys technical support.

Problems faxing from Zetadocs for Accounting.

Should faxing not work from your Zetadocs for Accounting application, the first step should be to test that the client is correctly connected.  This can be done, by opening the client window, and selecting:

Edit/Zetafax Server Settings

This should start up the Following dialogue, and your Zetafax username should be visible:

By selecting the Test link to Zetafax server button, the status of your server link can be determined.  This will be displayed in the bottom of the Zetafax Server Settings window.

Should this connection not be successful, make sure that the Zetafax Client is installed on the machine and there is a zfclient.ini file located in C:\Documents and Settings\< User's Profile> \Application Data\Equisys\Zetafax Client.

Problems viewing my documents before sending from ZDA.

Error: "Error Viewing PDF Document"

The most common cause of viewing problems within Zetadocs for accounting is problems involving your installation of the viewing software Adobe Acrobat reader.  If you cannot view faxes, please check that this software is installed and is functioning correctly by trying to open a PDF document without going through Zetadocs for accounting.

Should this not work, you will need to reinstall/install the latest PDF reader, this can be downloaded here:


Last updated: 25 Jan 2005 (CT/EB)

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