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PRB: Terminal Service Printer Driver Installed on a Machine in Remote Admin Mode



ID: ZTN1446

This Zetafax technical note applies to:

  • Version 9.1 and later


If you are running a terminal server machine in remote administration mode and install the Zetafax client the incorrect printer driver will be installed. The printer driver that is installed is the terminal services printer driver. This technical note will take you through the steps for manually installing the standard printer driver.


The Zetafax installer is unable to distinguish between a machine in terminal service application mode or remote administration mode.


Carry out the following steps to install the standard printer driver.

  1. Create a folder on your PC somewhere such as c:\program files\zetafax\imgfaxdir. Then navigate to PrintdriverV3 Install files  and extract the contents of PrintdriverV3  zip to the imgfaxdir directory you created.
  2. Then download the appropriate driver files for your Operating System i.e. if you are a Win  2000 user with you should download the Windows 2000 standard files and if you are a Win 2003 user download the 2003 standard files. You will find them here PrintDriverV3 Driver files
  3. Extract the contents of this file to the newly  created imgfaxdir directory.
  4. In the imgfaxdir directory you will find a file called SAMPLE.BAT - Right click  SAMPLE.BAT and select edit.
  5. SAMPLE.BAT assumes Windows is installed in C:\WINDOWS. If this isn't the case replace C:\Windows with the location of your windows directory. There are four places this needs to be done in the file, please change them all.
  6. Save and close SAMPLE.BAT
  7. Go to Start | Run and type cmd into the edit box and press Enter to open a command prompt. Navigate to  the SAMPLE.BAT  file in  the imgfaxdir you created earlier using the CD command. Run SAMPLE.BAT from here.
  8. After SAMPLE.BAT has finished reboot  the machine.
  9. Run up another command prompt.
  10. Type SET and press enter. Make a note of the local temp area i.e. TEMP=
  11. Navigate to the Printer and Faxes folder, right click the Zetafax printer, select properties and go to device settings.
  12. Under the Output File section set the 'Path for output files' to the temp area as above. Also set the  Prefix for output files is ZFAX.
  13. Apply your changes.


This has been identified by Equisys as a problem with the software versions given above.


ZTN1447 HOWTO Update the Zetafax Printer Manually


Last updated: 25 April 2006 (GR/LD)

Date published: 30 March 2005 (RM/GR)

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