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PRB: Some TelNumEdit rules may not be compatible with Zetafax Server dialling properties



ID: ZTN1603

This Zetafax technical note applies to:                                              

  • Zetafax version 2007 and later


When using some TelNumEdit rules (see C:\Program Files\Zetafax Server\System\Z-DB\SETUP.WRI for details) and the Zetafax Server dialling properties together, a fax number does not get transformed correctly and the fax fails to send.


TelNumEdit rules to transform the country codes do not work in conjunction with the dialling properties of the Zetafax Server.  You must disable the TelNumEdit rules that concern the country code.


Disable the TelNumEdit rules that add the country code to the fax number e.g. Telnumedit: " 0044" " 0" .  Comment out these rules by adding a semi-colon ";" in front of the relevant lines in C:\Program Files\Zetafax Server\System\Z-DB\SETUP.INI in the [QUEUEMAN] paragraph.  These lines begin with "TelNumEdit:" and will put the country code onto your fax number.


This has been identified by Equisys as a problem with the software versions given above.

Last updated: 04/07/07 (PF/GC)

Keywords: dialling dialing properties country code TelNumEdit

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