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PRB: " Phone number busy" when sending a fax that has spaces in the number on a Brooktrout SR140 device.



ID: ZTN1806

This Zetafax technical note applies to:

  • Zetafax version 2009 SP1 Platform Feature Pack and later


When using Zetafax with a Brooktrout SR140 configuration, on sending a fax where the fax number has spaces in it, the server logs out " Phone number busy" .


The fax specification only allows certain characters to be processed at the hardware level. The SR140 device controller at present does not fully conform to this specification and passes through any character that is specified in the fax number. This causes unexpected behaviour in certain circumstances.


This issue can be resolved by enabling the Telephone dialing properties found in the Zetafax Configuration program under Server Settings:

1.        Select ‘Use dialing properties’ and click on Configure.

2.        Choose to use either standard Zetafax dialing properties, keeping the default settings and click OK.

When next starting or restarting the Zetafax Server, spaces will be processed correctly from an SR140 device.


This has been identified by Equisys as a problem with the software versions given above.

Last updated: 20th September 2010 (NT/MW)

Keywords: Brooktrout SR140 phone number spaces

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