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PRB: NAV server unable to process request error after upgrading Zetadocs objects to version 7.0 and later



ID: ZTN4379

This Zetadocs technical note applies to:

  • Version 7.0 of Zetadocs Express and later
  • Version 7.0 of Zetadocs for NAV and later


After upgrading to version 7.0 or later of either Zetadocs Express or Zetadocs for NAV, a run time error occurs similar to “The server “DynamicsNAV71” was unable to process the request. The application will close” when using Zetadocs functionality that causes your NAV client to close.


This is caused by an incomplete upgrade of Zetadocs for NAV or Zetadocs Express from version 6.1 or earlier. The Zetadocs customize and integration Codeunits are changed for version 7.0 and later of Zetadocs and it requires additional manual steps to upgrade the NAV objects affected, that are detailed in the upgrade instructions


Please review technote ZTN4371 that details how to upgrade Zetadocs customize and integrate Codeunits for version 7.0.


This issue is corrected in the technote above.

Last updated: 30th October 2015 (JV/WK) 

Keywords: NAV client close

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