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PRB: How to remove a 'stuck' fax from Zetafax Client



This Zetafax technical note applies to:

  • All versions of Zetafax Client


Sometimes a fax will come in or go out and when trying to delete from the Zetafax Client it won't delete.  There is normally no error when trying to delete. You simply cannot remove the fax from the Zetafax Client Inbox or Outbox. 

More information

This technical note will describe how a 'stuck' fax may be removed from the Inbox or Outbox of the Zetafax Client.

In order to remove the fax please follow the steps below:

  1. First get the filename of the offending fax. This is done in the Zetafax Client by highlighting the fax. Then look at the lower left of the Zetafax         Client window and you will see the full path to the file including its name: 
  2. Shut down Zetafax client of the user having the issue
  3. On the Zetafax Server bring up Windows File Explorer and go to the folder where the Zetafax Server software is installed. If installed to default location it will be c:\program files (x86)\Zetafax Server.
  4. Under there go to Users\<Userid having issue>\z-in (if stuck in inbox) or z-out (if stuck in outbox.)
  5. Find the offending files (they will be in pairs or sometimes four files. All will have the same filename with different extensions if they infact exist) and delete them along with any occurences of msgdir.* (where*is a file extension).
  6. Log back into the Zetafax Client and you will be prompted to rebuild the msgdir.ctl file. Click ok and the file will be automatically rebuilt for you and the faxes should then be gone. DO NOT try to delete and rebuild both in and outboxes at the same time. You can only do one or the other. Once its finished you can then go back and follow the above procedure for the other one if needed.msgdir.ctl-rebuild-message1024_1.jpg (574×362)

NOTE: for the Inbox if you follow this procedure all faxes will be marked as unread.


Last updated: 10th May 2023  (WF>) 

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