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HOWTO: Troubleshoot Zetadocs Client side Delivery



This Zetadocs technical note applies to:

  • Zetadocs Client side Delivery
  • Zetadocs for NAV 11.x
  • 32bit NAV/BC client


This technote will guide you through some of the steps to try when you are unable to use the Zetadocs client side delivery functionality. There are several issues that have the same symptom, though resolution can vary depending on scope of the problem.

Please read through the symptoms below to see which is most relevent to your situation and apply the resolution.

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Issue 1

  • Zetadocs Delivery is not working for all users.
  • No template or email being applied within the Zetadocs PDF client.
  • A report that has never worked previously or has had recent changes applied to the layout of the report.
  • You can see that the user is licenced when you open the Zetadocs General settings page.

This issue is normally the result of the report not being correctly modified for use with Zetadocs. As part of the configuration of a report, there are several steps to add some modifications to a report for client side delivery to work. These involve adding some code as well as a layout modification to the report.

Please follow the technotes to manually modify the reports listed below. As part of these technotes, please ensure that the ZDREF is added to the top left of the body and the header of the report layout. Quite often if this is not added to these sections, the layout can cause the reference to get overlapped or pushed on to another page. You can test with the ZDREF font to show as visable and a colour which is easily read (such as red) to ensure that this is showing in the correct locations and that it's the correct reference.

HOWTO: Manually modify a NAV report - Zetadocs client side installation using the Microsoft SQL Server Report Builder (equisys.com)

Please note, that moving to Zetadocs Server side functionality or to the latest Zetadocs Extension for business central, does not require the reports to be modified in this way and is a much simpler setup experiance.

Issue 2

  • Zetadocs Delivery is not working for 1 user
  • No template or email being applied within the Zetadocs PDF client.
  • The licence is not populated in the Zetadocs general settings page.
  • Often if the user has a new PC or is new to using the software.

This issue is most likely the result of the user not being licenced within the software or the software not being installed correctly, which can cause the licence not to fully populate in the Zetadocs general settings in both scenarios.

To resolve this, please ensure that the user has been added to the licence successfully and that all the correct components are installed on the users machine. Follow the below steps to resolve this issue:

  1. Open the Zetadocs PDF client and go into Help -> about Zetadocs PDF. Confirm that the licence number is populated. If this is not populated, then the user has no licence or the licence is not being picked up. To confirm this:
    1. Find the server where the Zetadocs PDF Configuration tool has been installed and run this.
    2. Open the Users tab and confirm the user has been added.
    3. Open up the licencing tab, confirm the location of where the licence has been stored.
    4. Save and exit.
    5. Open up the users Zetadocs PDF client.
    6. Go to Tools -> Options -> Licencing
    7. Confirm that the users licence path matches the server
    8. This should ensure that the user has been added correctly, if the issue is still here, then the problem maybe an installation issue. Please see step 2.
  2. If the issue is still here after confirming the user is licenced then we will need to ensure that the software is correctly installed:
    1. Open the Program and Features tool from within the users control panel.
    2. Confirm that the Zetadocs for NAV client has been installed.
    3. Confirm that the Zetadocs API Runtime has been installed.
    4. If these are missing, then install them. Or if these are showing and the licence is still not being applied, try Uninstalling and Installing both parts of the application again.
    5. If all of these are installed, confirm that the version matches up with another users system which is working.

Please note that the server side functionality or the Extension for Business Central doesn't require the above steps as the users don't need a local install of the software for it to work. The processes are all server based and therefore offer a bettter user experiance.

Issue 3

  • The above doesn't resolve the issue
  • No changes to the Report

If the report is correctly setup and the software is installed correctly. Then the last option could be that the incorrect shortcut to NAV/BC is being run. Please ensure you are running the 32bit Client of NAV/BC.


Last updated: 19th July 2022 (BB) 

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