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PRB: Fax rejected with 'This e-mail account has not been enabled to use the fax gateway' error



ID: ZTN1180

This Zetafax technical note applies to:

  • Zetafax version
  • Zetafax connector for Microsoft Exchange 2000


Inbound faxes are received by Zetafax and forwarded to the user's Outlook Inbox, however outgoing faxes fail and the user receives a rejected message with the following message:

Fax rejected      12/11/01 at 15:16

Status code:

This e-mail account has not been enabled to use the fax gateway - contact the network administrator

Subject: Test

Recipient: HalHunter[Hunter & sons]/02072034005

Number of pages: 0 Page(s)

Also the Zetafax server logs the following information

STMAIL        - (I) - Message from: JIMJONES
STMAIL        - (I) - Message delivered to: HalHunter[Hunter & sons]
STMAIL        - (I) - Fax Number: 02072034005
STMAIL        - (I) - Submitting text-only message
STMAIL        - (I) - This user is not registered
STMAIL        - (I) - Unable to process message
STMAIL        - (I) - Status reply returned
STMAIL        - (I) - This user is not registered

You confirm the user is enabled to use the e-mail gateway for sending using the Zetafax configuration, and their details appear to be correct.


This is known to happen when an Exchange mailbox has been deleted, but then reconnected to a new user before the Exchange mailbox retention period has expired. This causes alterations to the users Exchange e-mail Distinguished Name (DN). This DN change effects the Zetafax Exchange User Export program, that is run when you refresh the e-mail gateway users node in the Zetafax configuration. This would only normally be run when a new user has been added to the Exchange organisation, and you wish to enable that user to use the Zetafax e-mail gateway.

The DN is altered a similar way to the example below:

Jim Jones[jjones]@/o=Domain Inc /ou=First Administrative Group

The addition of the container name that is added to the end of the string, causes the user's faxes to be rejected.


If you are experiencing this problem, you need to edit the files created by the Zetafax Exchange User Export program (MAILUSER.DAT and MAILLIST.INI). These files are located in zfax\SYSTEM\Z-DB (where zfax is the location of your Zetafax server files). Once you have located the files work through the following steps:

  1. Shut down the Zetafax server application or stop the Zetafax server service.
  2. Open the MAILUSER.DAT file using NOTEPAD.EXE, you will note the entries are in the format below:

Hunter Hal ex:Hal Hunter[hhunter]@/o= Domain Inc /ou=First Administrative Group


Jones Jim ex:Jim Jones[jjones]@/o=Domain Inc/ou=First Administrative Group

  1. In the above example the user Sam Smith will be unable to send faxes, the entry for Sam Smith needs to be edited so that it appears in the format below:


  1. Once you have made this change, save the file overwriting the previous MAILUSER.DAT.

Note: If the Zetafax Exchange User Export application is run after you have made these changes then they will be overwritten.

  1. Open the MAILLIST.INI file, it will have a entry for each user enabled to use the email gateway in the following format:


Zetaname: SSMITH


Profile: NO

  1. Remove this entry then save the file overwriting the previous one.

Note: Do not remove any entries for users who are currently able to send faxes, as this will disable them from using the email gateway.

  1. Start the Zetafax configuration, double click the user in the Zetafax Users node. Click 'Browse' and scroll to the edited e-mail address entry for this user, click 'Select'. Click OK and exit the Zetafax configuration.
  2. Restart the Zetafax server application or the Zetafax server service.
  3. The user should now be able to send faxes successfully.


This has been identified by Equisys as a problem with the software versions given above.

Last updated: 30 November 2001 (SV/DH)

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