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PRB: Conflicts between Zetafax Connector and GroupShield anti-virus software



ID: ZTN1047

This Zetafax technical note applies to:

  • Zetafax Connector version 5.5 and later.


When the Zetafax connector is installed on a site using Network Associates GroupShield anti-virus software, faxes submitted via Outlook are not passed to the Zetafax server.  Looking at the OUT queue for the connector (from the connector properties dialog in the Exchange Administrator program) shows the messages are stuck in the connector queue.

If the GroupShield service is stopped, faxes can then be submitted successfully (although any messages already "stuck" remain in the queue).  Restarting the Zetafax Connector service causes the "stuck" messages to be submitted to the Zetafax server.


The Zetafax connector uses a private mailbox for communication with the Exchange server.  By default GroupShield (and many other anti-virus scanners) will scan all mailboxes to look for viruses - however when it scans the connector's mailbox it interferes with the normal behaviour of the connector.


Exclude the Zetafax connector's private mailbox from the virus scan.  The following instructions explain how to do this for GroupShield - for other anti-virus software please contact the anti-virus software manufacturer.

  1. Run the Exchange Administrator program, and select the server where the Zetafax connector and GroupShield are installed.
  2. Highlight %Organisation_name% | %Site_name% | Configuration | Servers | %Server_name% | Network Associates GroupShield and select Properties (File menu).
  3. The Network Associates GroupShield dialog will appear - select the 'On-Access (Mailboxes)' tab and click the 'Exclusion List' button.
  4. Click Add Mailbox, highlight the Zetafax Connector (%Server_name%) from the mailbox list and click Add Mailbox to add it to the list of selected mailboxes.  Click OK to return to the Selected List dialog
  5. Ensure that the Zetafax Connector (%Server_Name%) is listed in the Selected List dialog and click OK
  6. You will be prompted to restart the Network Associates GroupShield Exchange service.  Restart the service to use the changed settings.
  7. Finally, if you want to keep the faxes which were previously submitted, and submit them to the Zetafax server, restart the Zetafax Connector.  Alternatively you can delete these faxes from the Queues display in the Zetafax Connector properties dialog.

Last updated 13 January 2000 (GC/GW)

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