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INFO: Enabling debug logging for a Dialogic PRI solution



ID: ZTN1046

This Zetafax technical note applies to:

  • Zetafax 6.


Zetafax 6 introduced support for Primary Rate ISDN solution using the Dialogic DTI -300 interface cards and the CP range of fax resource cards.

The Dialogic drivers include a trace facility to assist support staff in identifying and resolving problems which are experienced.  The instructions below explain how to enable this trace logging.

More information

If you have run the GammaLink Send Fax Applet to test your hardware installation and determined that the dialogic hardware is unable to either send or receive calls then to further troubleshoot the problem you will need to produce a debug log. Debug logging is enabled from the GDK3.1.1 control panel icon.

If you have the Gammalink GK3.1.1 control panel icon step to 2.

  1. From the Equisys 6.0 distribution CD-ROM copy the file GDK311.cpl to your  \WINNT\system32 directory.  You will find this file in the \ZETAFAX\DIALOGIC\GDK311\CONFIGURATION UTILITY directory.
  2. Click on the GDK 3.1.1 control panel icon and on the debug tab check the Activate Dialogic Trace On Trunk box. Specify the full path to an appropriate file name to log to e.g. c:\temp\dchannel.log. Leave all other settings the same and click OK. Exit the GammaLink Send Fax Applet if it is running and Stop both the Dialogic System Service and the GammaLink System Service.
  3. Restart the Dialogic System Service and the GammaLink System Service. From the GammaLink Program Group on the start menu start the GammaLink Send Fax Applet. Send or receive a test fax and then stop both the Dialogic System Service and the GammaLink System Services. This should now have created a log file of the name that you specified e.g. c:\temp\dchannel.log.
  4. You will now need to convert the binary log file that has been created into a format that can be interpreted. To do this you will need to run the isdtrace.exe utility. You will find this in the directory where you installed the DMA3 package. The default for this is the \Program Files\Dialogic\Bin directory.
  5. From the command line run

    isdtrace  logfilename

    e.g isdtrace c:\temp\dchannel.log

    Note if isdtrace.exe is run without a valid argument it will produce an application error.

  6. Isdtrace will produce a converted log file of much greater size with the .res extension in the same directory. This log file is readable with WORDPAD or any suitable text editor, and can be interpreted by Dialogic technical support staff.

Last reviewed: 21 October 2005 (GC/EB)

Date Published: 13 January 2000 (GC/GW)

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