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INFO: WKSETUP command line parameters



ID: ZTN1334

This Zetafax technical note applies to:

  • Zetafax version 8 and earlier.


The Zetafax Workstation Setup program, WKSETUP.EXE supports a number of command line switches which can be used when performing an automated install or uninstall of the Zetafax Client. This technical note lists all the switches it currently supports.

More information

This is a complete list of WKSETUP's command line switches. These may be used with the prefix '-' or '/'. For example:

\\zetafax-server\zfax\system\wksetup.exe -U


\\zetafax-server\zfax\system\wksetup.exe /U

will both update the Zetafax Client program files and printers.

Furthermore, the parameters may be entered in lowercase or uppercase, and can be combined. For example:

\\zetafax-server\zfax\system\wksetup.exe -U

Further information can be found in the following table.



Performs a notebook install of the Zetafax Client.


Performs a demo install, ie: no files or settings are changed.


Suppresses all dialog boxes and error messages. This should be used for automated installs where no user is present.


Installs the Zetafax Client. This is the default parameter and does not need to be set.


Enables logging during the installation of the Zetafax printers. (Version 8 or later only)

Prevents a 16-bit version of WKSETUP from spawning the 32-bit version on 32-bit systems. This is not used in version 8 and later.


Displays only error messages. This can be used for automated installs where a user is present (for instance, in a logon script).

Use the path specified in the server section of Zetafax.ini. This is useful for automated installs which are pushed from the Zetafax Server machine.


Update the Zetafax Client program and printer files.


Uninstall the Zetafax Client program and printer files.


Please refer to the following technical notes for further information on the Zetafax Workstation Setup program

Last updated: 11 May 2007 (ET/SV)

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