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INFO: What’s new in Zetadocs Server v3.1



This Zetadocs technical note applies to:

  • Version 3.1 of the Zetadocs Server


This technote explains what’s new in Zetadocs Server v3.1

More information

Zetadocs Server version 3.1 is available as two separate installers:

·         Zetadocs Server installer

·         Zetadocs OCR Engine installer

The Zetadocs Server installer installs the Zetadocs Document Converter service responsible for converting documents into PDF/A files.

The Zetadocs OCR Engine installer installs Abbyy FineReader Engine v12 which has improved OCR capabilities, an updated license manager and license service. The Zetadocs OCR Engine is used by the Zetadocs Server for processing barcodes and creating searchable PDF files.

NOTE: You should create a backup of your Zetadocs Server configuration file (C:\Program Files (x86)\Zetadocs Server\Document Converter\config.xml) before installing the Zetadocs Server as the installer will reset your configuration settings. After the installation you should replace the newly created config.xml with your back up file.

The Zetadocs Server also included these fixes and improvements:

·         Support for Zetadocs OCR Engine on Azure VMs, Docker or other Cloud environments

·         Proper clean-up of duplicate files when document queue prefix enabled.


INFO: What’s new in Zetadocs Server v3.0

Last updated: 17TH  May 2019 (GC/CR)

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