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INFO: What’s new in Zetadocs for NAV v9.0



ID: ZTN4475

This Zetadocs technical note applies to:

  • Zetadocs for NAV


This technote summarises the changes in the latest version of Zetadocs for NAV.

More information

The following changes have been made to version 9.0 of Zetadocs for NAV.

NAV 2017 Support

Added support for NAV 2017 deployed on premise and multi-instance NAV deployments on Azure or privately hosted by partners.

Drag & Drop on all NAV clients

Version 9 introduces a single Zetadocs Documents FactBox to support all NAV clients. The same Zetadocs Documents FactBox is now available on the NAV Windows clients (32 and 64-bit) plus any of the HTML clients and the Dynamics NAV app (Universal app). There is no longer a requirement to install the Zetadocs Client on each PC to be able to drag and drop documents against any NAV record, removing the need for additional deployment steps on each client PC.

NOTE: Drag & Drop emails from Outlook requires a 3rd party Outlook add-in - see technote ZTN4477

Save & Send from all NAV Clients

On NAV 2015 and later, Zetadocs Express Save & Send now uses the Zetadocs NAV Server Delivery settings, so that Zetadocs Express customers can send and archive from all NAV clients, and simplifies the upgrade to Zetadocs Delivery Essentials.

Zetadocs NAV Server Delivery uses built-in NAV Report Selections

The Zetadocs Send button has been updated in this release to work with the standard NAV Report Selections, so that it’s simpler for customers to select the report Zetadocs sends without requiring C/AL code modification of the Send button.

Added support for NAV “mini” Reports (13xx range)

NAV 2017 also sets the “mini” NAV reports (13xx range) as default for most standard Sales and Purchase documents. The Zetadocs standard configuration import adds support for these mini reports, and the use of NAV Report selections gives customers a simple way to switch between the new or old report on preference.

Simpler upgrades from Zetadocs Express

Zetadocs for NAV now includes Zetadocs Express. This single code base makes it much simpler for partners to implement Zetadocs for NAV every time and just simply unlock the additional Zetadocs functionality required, by changing the Zetadocs license. This now removes the reimplementation task on previous versions.

Combined tooling for Zetadocs Express and Zetadocs for NAV

A single Zetadocs Page Modification tools is now provided to automate modifications to NAV pages so there is no need for reimplementation when upgrading from Zetadocs Express to Zetadocs Essentials.

Retry failed delivery jobs and improved feedback

Version 9 of Zetadocs for NAV adds a Retry button to the Zetadocs Outbox. This action button will allow you to retry previously enqueued jobs that might have failed to complete successfully during delivery or archiving. With this feature, there is no longer a need to access the NAV Job Queue entries page to restart a failed job, everything can be done through the same screen that you use to check the status of a current job. Additionally, status messages from the Zetadocs Delivery Outbox have been improved to give clearer information about the status of each job.

Windows Server 2016 Support

The Zetadocs Client and Zetadocs NAV Server components now support Windows Server 2016.

General Improvements and enhancements:

Additional filter field for NAV reports that require additional filters at runtime

Special instructions are also provided in the installation guide to add support for the North American Customer Statement (10075). This report and others like it require an additional date filter applied. The Zetadocs Report Settings Table has been extended with an additional filter field to support 10075 and other NAV reports that require additional filters at runtime.

FIX: Source file deleted when using %%[FileAttachment:] command

FIX: Zetadocs Server does not Split Malformed PDF Documents

FIX: Card page loses focus when creating a new record in NAV


How to upgrade to the latest version of Zetadocs for NAV

Last updated: 6th December 2016 (JC/GC) 

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