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INFO: What is new in Zetafax 2011



ID: ZTN1841

This Zetafax technical note applies to:

  • Zetafax 2011


This technical note provides a brief description of the changes in Zetafax 2011 from the previous Zetafax version, Zetafax 2010, and where to find further information about the release.

More information

Zetafax 2011 provides a range of new and improved features, including:

  • Fax Relay: a major new feature which enables users to send faxes directly from fax machines and multifunction devices (MFDs) via the Zetafax Server.  This is a separately chargeable option, and requires the Zetafax FoIP Connector.
  • Updated Zetafax Client user interface: a new Windows 7 style ribbon bar to make the Zetafax client quicker and easier to use
  • Custom actions for processing received faxes: the Zetafax Client can include up to nine custom actions for processing received faxes, launching a specified desktop application for further processing of the fax as part of an enterprise workflow process
  • Received fax reporting: extending the Zetafax Server’s sent fax reports feature to add reporting on received fax traffic, to help with internal billing and telephony resource planning
  • Improved automatic printing: new option to add a header line with transmission information to printed faxes, and including the first page of the fax on the printed status page to help with identification
  • Improved searching of received fax archive: enhanced archive search feature to enable users to specify sender fax IDs (CSIDs) or alias names (stored with the Name of Sender feature) when searching for received faxes.
  • Updated Brooktrout drivers: Zetafax 2011 includes version 6.3 of the drivers for Brooktrout fax boards and SR140 software, incorporating a range of interoperability and quality improvements

These features are described further on the Zetafax website www.equisys.com/Zetafax2011, and in the Zetafax online documentation available from the website or within Zetafax.

Zetafax 2011 also includes the software improvements detailed in the following technical notes:

Zetafax 2011 contains a wide range of additional quality and performance improvements over the previous product version, including:

  • The ReadMe page giving the latest information on installing the product can now be displayed at any stage during the installation wizard process, to assist in installation choices.
  • When saving a fax in the Zetafax viewer, any pages which have been rotated by 180 degrees (ie displayed upside down) will be saved in the fax image file in the new orientation.  This means that a fax which was received upside down can be rotated and saved, then any further processing (including passing to another application or OCR) will use the corrected version
  • The downloadable version of the Zetafax Server software now includes all the components of the product, rather than requiring some components to be downloaded separately.  For Zetafax Duo customers the Zetadocs PDF product software is now available as a separate download, rather than via a link in the Zetafax download as previously.
  • On systems running non-English localised versions of the Zetafax Server Monitor program, fax reports were still displayed in English.  They are now displayed in the same language as the Zetafax Server Monitor program is using.
  • The Zetafax viewer now supports the mouse scroll-wheel to improve usability when scrolling down within a fax image.
  • Annotating a received fax using the Zetafax Outlook form could cause Outlook to close unexpectedly and remove the fax image from the email message
  • When adding text annotations to documents using the Zetafax Client viewer, the text changed orientation if the page was rotated, and could also change orientation when the page was saved.  This has now been corrected, so that the text rotates and is saved with the displayed page.
  • On systems using the Zetafax FoIP Connector (Standard Edition) the Zetafax Server could close unexpectedly under certain circumstances if a fax was sent with the maximum number of characters in the sender details fields (sender name, organisation and CSID fax number)
  • The Zetafax Server could close unexpectedly after deleting an Inbox rule in some circumstances
  • The Zetafax Coversheet Edition displayed fixed text and text entry fields incorrectly in the default fit to width view
  • When using Zetafax in a terminal services environment with Outlook 2010, the Zetafax Outlook Add-ins were only installed for the account which was used to install the Zetafax software,  This has now been enhanced, and the Zetafax Outlook Add-ins are now installed automatically for all user accounts on the terminal server computer
  • When a call was interrupted while sending a fax using the Standard Edition FoIP Connector, the Zetafax Server would redial immediately rather than using the redial setting in the device configuration options.  The server now uses the configuration setting to determine whether to redial immediately or to return the message to the main queue.
  • Brooktrout TR1034 BRI boards could stop responding intermittently on some Italian systems.
  • When using Zetafax from an SMTP mail system with the Zetafax email gateway, email addresses which are the same as the start of another email address (eg bob@acme.com and bobby@acme.com) were not processed correctly.
  • When receiving faxes using the Zetafax FoIP Connector (SR140 Edition) with an AudioCodes Mediant 600 media gateway, the sender’s phone number (CLI) and fax number (CSID) were not recorded correctly.
  • The recorded connection time for faxes received using the Zetafax FoIP Connector (Standard Edition) was too short.
  • When viewing a portion of a fax page in the Zetafax Viewer, the scrollbars were not updated correctly if the page was rotated, causing difficulties in viewing the remainder of the page
  • When sending a fax from Lotus Notes 8.5.1 using the email gateway, the time of sending setting was ignored and the fax sent immediately rather than waiting until the specified time.
  • The Refresh button did not work correctly in the FaxBroadcast client

Zetafax 2011 is a chargeable upgrade for previous Zetafax systems, and requires an upgrade license number for each system.  Systems which are covered by a current Software Assurance contract are entitled to upgrade to Zetafax 2011 without charge.

Fax Relay is a separately chargeable option, and requires the Fax Relay license add-on and the Zetafax FoIP Connector.

Full instructions for upgrading to Zetafax 2011 from earlier Zetafax versions are given in the following technical note:

Further information about Fax Relay and the other new features in this release is available on the Zetafax website:

To discuss how Zetafax 2011 can help your business, and for information about obtaining an upgrade to this version, please contact your software supplier or Equisys.

Last updated: 18th May 2011 (GW/NT)

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