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INFO: What is new in Zetafax 2010



ID: ZTN1783

This Zetafax technical note applies to:

  • Zetafax 2010


Zetafax 2010 is now available, and is released to customers via the download service and on CD.

This technical note provides a brief description of what has changed in Zetafax since version 2009, and how to update your system to the latest version.

More information

Zetafax 2010 provides a number of new features and resolves a large number of issues that have been reported in previous versions.

New features include:

  • Support for Microsoft Office 2010

    Zetafax 2010 adds support for Office 2010, including integration with the new Backstage view and toolbars for simple, one-click faxing directly from Microsoft Oulook, Word and Excel:

    • Microsoft Word and Excel:
      • Send fax – providing a visible method of sending a fax, particularly for users who are not aware of the Zetafax Printer and print-to-fax- behavior.
      • Add embedded commands – simplifying the process of automating fax settings or recipient details when sending a fax.
    • Microsoft Outlook:
      • Send fax – providing a clear helped form to ease sending a fax without having to use a specialized syntax on the standard ‘compose email’ form.
      • View fax – providing a specialized form designed for viewing faxes received using the Zetafax email gateway.
      • Preview and release fax – enabling the user to check how a fax will appear before sending, without having to revert to the Zetafax client.
      • Set default options for sent faxes – providing a simple method for users to customize behavior without requiring administrator intervention.
  • Support for Microsoft Exchange 2010

    Zetafax 2010 also adds support for Exchange 2010, installing as a native connector within Exchange that is registered to handle the FAX address type. This native integration means that users can send faxes to contacts stored within Outlook, using the standard fax number fields. Products that use SMTP to integrate with Exchange generally require duplication of contacts so that the fax number can be stored in the email field, which is avoided with Zetafax. Read more about Zetafax integration with Microsoft Exchange.

  • New Standard Edition FoIP Connector

    A new version of the Zetafax FoIP Connector is supported by the new version, providing an alternative to using Brooktrout SR140 technology. This now provides two options for the FoIP Connector; the SR140 Edition which provides the highest levels of performance and interoperability; and the Standard Edition, providing a cost-effective solution for companies wishing to use FoIP with specific T.38 gateway units. Read more about Fax over Internet Protocol (FoIP).

  • Added support for server virtualization

    Zetafax 2010 adds support for the latest release of VMware ESX and ESXi (version 4.0) and the VMware vSphere suite. It also provides support for Microsoft Hyper-V with Windows Server 2008 R2. This provides a range of options for organizations planning virtualized server environments. Read more about fax virtualization.

  • Improved performance with FaxBroadcast

    Zetafax 2010 provides significant performance improvements to FaxBroadcast, including load testing with batches over 100,000 faxes and 200 fax lines. Initial batch load, submission and reporting times have been reduced to improve usability, and system throughput has also been improved.

  • Other quality and performance improvements

  • Zetafax 2010 also includes a number of quality and performance improvements to address issues reported by our customer base, or identified during our ongoing quality assurance testing. Download our ‘Why Upgrade to Zetafax 2010?’ datasheet.

    • The FaxBroadcast client displays the count of faxes in each job incorrectly
      • The main screen in the FaxBroadcast client displays the status of each fax job, including a count of the number of recipients in each status (completed successfully, failed or queued). The count is incorrect in some cases.
    • The Zetafax Client does not display sent SMS messages correctly
      • The Zetafax Client includes a preview pane, which displays the content of fax and SMS messages which is currently selected in the main window. With the Zetafax 2009 SP1, this preview display does not work correctly for SMS messages, and the menu option to view an SMS message also does not work.
    • Sending a notification email on completion of faxes sent using the Zetafax API does not work correctly
      • The Zetafax API includes an option to send an email notification when a sent fax completes. This is done by setting the “NotifyMail” option line in the submitted message file. With Zetafax 2009, this feature no longer works correctly, and the option line is ignored.
    • Searching archived faxes does not return faxes after 1 Jan 2010 on systems installed before that date
      • The Zetafax Client includes a feature to search the archive of sent and received faxes. However, on systems where the archive includes faxes from 2010 and also from earlier years this will only search archives up to 1st January 2010, and faxes sent or received in 2010 onwards are not returned.
    • Subject line is corrupted when sending faxes including non UK/US characters via the SMTP email gateway
      • Sending faxes using the Zetafax SMTP email gateway does not work correctly if the subject line includes accented characters or other non-UK/US characters. This causes any spaces in the subject line to be converted to underscore characters.

    Click here for instructions on how to update your system to Zetafax 2010.

    Last updated: 27th May 2010 (MW/)

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