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INFO: Moving a Zetafax installation (Version 9 onwards)



ID: ZTN1388

This Zetafax technical note applies to:

· Zetafax 9.0 and later


This document assists the user in relocating (migrating) an existing Zetafax install.  Situations may arise that necessitate the move of Zetafax (e.g. purchase of a new server).

Please note this technical note refers to Version 9 and later of Zetafax, for previous versions please refer to ZTN1050 INFO: Moving a Zetafax installation.

More information

The following procedure details how you move a Zetafax installation. It is advisable to back up any important data before working through this process.

  1. Ensure all users are logged out.
  2. Shutdown Zetafax Server.  If it is running as a service stop the service in services MMC.
  3. After shutdown move the FAX device hardware and drivers as necessary.
  4. Install the Zetafax Server on the new machine using your product CD. Choose " Standard Zetafax Server Installation" . When prompted be sure to enter the company name from the original server and your previous version's starter licence number.

Note:  If your starter licence is from an older version of Zetafax than that which you are currently installing, you will be prompted with a warning message that you will need to enter an upgrade licence, click OK to continue.

  1. At the end of the install click 'Finish' - DO NOT click 'Configure' to run the configuration program.
  2. Browse (using Windows Explorer) across the network to the original Zetafax Server and look in the root installation folder (e.g. '\\Old-Zetafax-Server\ZFAX'). Copy the following files and folders to the new Zetafax Server root installation folder (e.g. 'C:\Program Files\Zetafax Server'). Where *.* is listed do a select all (CTRL+A) in the original source folder. If prompted about overwriting files and folders click 'Yes to All'.




User folders and faxes


Received fax archive (Only if archiving enabled)


Sent fax archive (Only if archiving enabled)


Server logs


Address book and indexes


Current fax queues


Custom coversheets


Custom letterheads


Custom attachments


System configuration

If using the Zetafax email gateway to send and receive faxes from your email client you should additionally copy the following files:


Mail gateway configuration

  1. Browse to your new installations 'Setup.ini' file which is located in the 'Z-DB' sub-folder in your 'SYSTEM' folder (e.g. 'C:\Program Files\Zetafax Server\SYSTEM\Z-DB'). Open the file with Notepad and locate the '[REMOTEADMIN]' paragraph. Depending on the version of Zetafax you are upgrading this section may not be present. If not present ignore this point and continue from point 8.

    ServerComputerName: < Old-Zetafax-Server>

    Modify the 'ServerComputerName' name line so that it contains your new Zetafax Server machine name. Save and close the 'Setup.ini' file.
  2. Start the Zetafax Configuration program (Start-> Programs-> Zetafax-> Zetafax Configuration). Click 'Next' when prompted to start the 'Share Wizard'. This will set up your network shares and Active Directory (if available) settings for your Zetafax Server.

Note: If your starter licence is from an older version of Zetafax than that which you are currently configuring, once the wizard completes you will be prompted to enter your Zetafax upgrade licence. This is the number that starts with a U. 

          Work through the licensing and registration screens and click 'Finish' when prompted.

  1. Now go to 'Devices' in the Zetafax Configuration program tree and check that the configured devices and all their settings match the devices installed on the new Zetafax Server machine.

Note: If using Brooktrout cards you should remove them in the Zetafax configuration then re-add them after installing the Brooktrout hardware to insure that the Brooktrout drivers and software are installed correctly.

  1. If using the email gateway, go to 'Server Settings' in the Zetafax Configuration program tree and double-click the 'Email Gateway'. Check that the gateway is enabled and all the settings match your mail configuration.
  2. Close the Zetafax Configuration program and start up the Zetafax Server and verify that it starts successfully.
  3. If your Zetafax clients connect to the Server via drive mappings ensure that you disconnect the current drive mapping on each Zetafax client and map the same drive letter used before to the ZFAX directory on the new Zetafax sever. You should then run each Zetafax Client and make sure it connects to the new server, if necessary by selecting or browsing to it from the Zetafax Client Login prompt.

If you need to upgrade your system to a later version, follow the instructions in Equisys technical note:   ZTN1499 - HOWTO: Updating to Zetafax 2006

Last updated: 11 January 2005 (EB/GR)

First Published:  7 December 2004 (GC/DH)

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