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HOWTO: Use the Goldmine Add-on



ID: ZTN1426

This Zetafax technical note applies to:

  • Zetafax 9.1 and later
  • Zetafax Connector for GoldMine add-on


This article relates to the use of Zetafax Connector for GoldMine Add-on.  It describes how to use the product from both within Zetafax itself and from within GoldMine. The article assumes that the user has a valid Zetafax Server and Client installation, and that the Zetafax Connector for GoldMine Add-on has been installed, for more information on installation and configuration please refer to ZTN1425-HOWTO Install the Zetafax Goldmine Add-on.

Publishing a fax to GoldMine:

From within the Zetafax client, it is possible to publish faxes to a GoldMine contacts database. This adds a 'Fax Received and Filed' item to a specified contacts History tab within GoldMine, and allows the user to create a Link to the fax and send a GoldMine email related to the fax, depending on the options chosen.  The remainder of this section describes publishing faxes in more detail.

Selecting a Fax to Publish:

  1. From within the Zetafax Client, select a single fax from either the 'In' or 'Out' boxes.

Note: Multiple fax items should not be selected.

  1. Select File then Publish To GoldMine.

If connecting to GoldMine through the Zetafax Client for the first time on the machine, the GoldMine Logon dialog will be displayed:

  1. Enter your GoldMine Username and Password


  1. Specify the location of your GoldMine installation, e.g. 'C:\Program Files\GoldMine'
  2. Select OK to log onto GoldMine.

If you are connecting to an SQL GoldMine database (rather than a DBF database), a SQL logon dialog will be displayed.  You should enter your SQL logon username and password and click OK

  1. After a successful logon, the 'Publish Fax to GoldMine' dialog is displayed:

The dialog is divided into two main sections. The top section relates to the Fax Sender details and the actions that you want to carry out during the publication process. The lower section pertains to the configuration of the aforementioned actions. To publish the selected fax to GoldMine, you need to do the following:

  1. Click 'Lookup...'  The Search for GoldMine contacts dialog is displayed

This allows you to search your GoldMine contacts for the particular contact that you want to associate the fax with. Note that a fax can only be published to a single GoldMine contact.

Note: The Zetafax Client does not currently provide a mechanism for creating new GoldMine contacts.

  1. Enter your search criteria in the Search box to find a GoldMine contact. If searching for an individual, the criteria can be a partial or whole:
    • Company name
    • Contact name
    • Fax number

Alternatively, you can use your GoldMine filters and Groups to find the contact.

Once Search is clicked, the lower section of the dialog displayed all matching contacts (if the lower region remains empty, no matching records were found). 

  1. Select a contact, (either by double-clicking the left-hand column or single-clicking the entry and then clicking 'Select'

You will be returned to the 'Publish Fax to GoldMine' dialog, with the Sender's Name and Sender's Company fields populated with your selection.  You have now provided sufficient information to publish the fax, and can select 'Publish' if desired.  An entry will be added to the 'History' tab for the chosen contact.  There are, however, a number of optional actions that can be performed in order to provide a more complete record of the fax publication within GoldMine:

  • By selecting the 'Create Link to Fax' option, the fax image file will be copied to the user's GoldMine documents area.  In addition, a link to the copied file will be added to the 'Links' tab of the chosen contact record, thus providing a permanent record of the fax from within GoldMine.
  • By selecting the 'Notify' option, the lower section of the 'Publish Fax to GoldMine' dialog becomes enabled.  This functionality allows the user to configure and send a GoldMine email to a chosen GoldMine user.  This may, for example, inform a colleague that a fax has arrived from the contact that requires their immediate attention.  To send a notification email, do the following:
    1. Select the GoldMine user from the drop down box.
    2. Enter a message subject. This must be provided.
    3. Optionally, enter a message. This will appear in the body of the GoldMine email.
    4. Click Publish to publish the fax.

Changing Logon details

It is possible to change the GoldMine logon details through the Zetafax Client, should you wish to connect to GoldMine as a different user. To do this:

  1. Select Options then GoldMine...
  2. The GoldMine Logon dialog will be displayed (As below)

  1. Enter your new logon details and click ok. The details are saved for future use.

Accessing GoldMine contacts when addressing a fax

When sending a fax from within the Zetafax client, you may wish to select an existing GoldMine contact as the fax recipient. To do this follow these steps:

  1. Create a fax in the usual way (see the Zetafax client help for more information on how to do this).
  2. When the Zetafax-Addressing dialog is displayed, select down arrow on the 'Search' button and choose the 'GoldMine Contacts' option. 
  3. This will activate a search contacts window, that allows you to search for individual users along with groups and filters that you have set up within GoldMine.
  4. A list of GoldMine contacts will be displayed.  These can be selected in the normal manner.
  5. Proceed in submitting the fax in the normal manner.

Sending a fax from GoldMine

Using the GoldMine add-in, faxes can be sent directly from your GoldMine program.

  1. Start GoldMine.
  2. Select the contact that you wish to send a fax to.
  3. Select the Send Fax option from the options menu on the left side of your GoldMine Window.
  4. The Zetafax client will launch automatically.
  5. The addressing information of the contact will appear in the Recipients list of the addressing wizard.
  6. You can add other recipients from your Contacts or individually as required.
  7. Select the Next Button to continue.
  8. Enter your message information
  9. Click OK.

Your message will now be sent, and you will receive confirmation in your Zetafax Inbox.

Sending a text message from GoldMine

Note: that the text message add-on will need to be licensed on the Zetafax server and an SMS device will need to be configured before the text message features can be used.

  1. Select the contact that you wish to send a text message from, and check that a valid mobile number has been added for that client.
  2. Select the Send Text Message Option from the menu on the left hand side of your GoldMine window:

The Zetafax Client will start up, with the details for your GoldMine contact already input.

  1. Check these are correct, and select Next to continue.
  2. Type the message you wish to send to your contact, and select Finish.

The message will be sent to your contact via the Zetafax Server

Checking the Send Status of a message

Once a fax or text message has been submitted, the sender will want to know when a message has been sent successfully, or if indeed the message failed to send at all. This can be achieved through GoldMine, with no need to log onto the Zetafax client.

When a message is scheduled, the message details are added to the 'Pending' tab of the GoldMine contact that has been named as the message recipient.

When Zetafax has sent/attempted to send the message, the message is moved from the 'Pending' tab to the 'History' tab. If the message was successful, the Result Code will read FAX for a fax message and SMS for a text message. FSX and SMX denote failed fax and text messages. 

If a message fails to send, it is removed from the Zetafax server queue and must be re-scheduled by the user.  The user will be sent a GoldMine email to inform them of this.

If a message sends successfully, a confirmation message is sent to the GoldMine user who created the fax/SMS and a link to the message is created in the 'Links' tab for the GoldMine contact who received the message.


ZTN1425-HOWTO Install the Zetafax Goldmine Add-on

ZTN1427-HOWTO Troubleshoot the Goldmine Add-on

Last reviewed: 11 November 2005 (GC/EB)

Date Published:  23 December   2004 (EB/DS)

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