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INFO: Message lines that are ignored by the Zetafax SMTP Server



ID: ZTN1538

This Zetafax technical note applies to:

  • Zetafax Server 2006 SP1 and later


The Zetafax SMTP Server allows specified lines in an email message to be ignored in a fax transmission. There are different behaviours depending on the settings within the DRIVER.INI file within a subfolder of the Zetafax Server directory. This document serves to highlight the formatting of the ignore list used to obtain this functionality.

More information

The ignore list can be used to exclude certain lines from an email message that are not meant for fax transmission (for instance, messages attached by scanners, or company disclaimers).

Currently, there is only one message line that is removed as standard from SMTP messages:


1=The following document has been scanned on the Fiery and attached to this email:



Additional lines can be added as needed by following the instructions below.

What is the Ignore list?

The Ignore list exists in zfax\MAIL\Data\DRIVER.INI in the [Ignore] section. The list is scanned during translation from email format to fax format. If an email message line exactly matches a line on the ignore list, it is not included in the fax message.

An example of the [Ignore] section of the DRIVER.INI is shown below:


1= This is a line which is removed. The line below it in the email message is also removed


            100= This and only this line is removed from the message


Numbers 1 to 98 are assigned to email message lines that require the following email message line to also be removed for the fax message (for instance, some scanners may have a confirmation message, followed by the attached filename in the following line).

Numbers 100 and above are assigned to email message lines that only require that particular line to be removed for the fax message.

After the final ignore line between 1 and 98, a blank line (for instance 2=) is required. This is also true of ignore lines that exceed the 100 identifier.

If the users does not with to exclude any lines during SMTP email to fax translation, 2 blank lines are still required in DRIVER.INI, thus, the lines '1=' and '100=' must always exist in DRIVER.INI (this does not ignore blank lines in the email message, they just serve as termination indicators for the ignore list).

How to add items to the Ignore list

In order to add custom lines to the [Ignore] section of the DRIVER.INI file, you can open the DRIVER.INI file using a text editing program such as NOTEPAD

The additions must be made in numerically ascending order (so to add to the example above, the text is placed either in the position '2=' or '101='), with an additional blank line added after the inserted line (so '3=' or 102=' need to be added onto the message).

When you have added all the message lines that you would like to be ignored, save the DRIVER.INI file and restart your Zetafax Server.  The changes will be applied to all SMTP gateway faxes from this point on.


Last updated: 02 August 2006 (NT/EB/PJ)

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