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FIX: Zetafax Fax Form Crashes on Outlook 2000



ID: ZTN1529

This Zetafax technical note applies to:

  • Zetafax 9.1 and later


When clicking on the Zetafax new fax form it causes Outlook to crash.


There is a known compatibility issue with a Microsoft dll and the implementation of the IQuickActivate interface.


Version 9 users

  1. Close down Outlook.
  2. Remove the existing Outlook Extensions from the Add/Remove Programs applet in the Control panel.
  3. Download a new extensions install from here Zetafax Extensions 9.1.412
  4. Browse to the extracted folder and run the new installer setup.exe.
  5. Restart Outlook once the installer has completed and send a fax.

Version 2006 users

  1. In Outlook go to Tools | Options | Other | Advanced Options | Com-Addins and uncheck the reference to the Zetafax Outlook Addin.
  2. Close down Outlook.
  3. Download an extensions update from here Zetafax Extensions Update 10.0.432.
  4. Browse to the extracted folder and replace the current dlls with the downloaded ones. You will find them in C:\ProgramFiles\Zetafax Outlook Extensions by default.
  5. Register the outext.dll and zfr.dll in the C:\ProgramFiles\Zetafax Outlook Extensions folder. To do this, go to Start | Run and type Regsvr32 into the edit box. Drag the first dll onto the run menu and click on OK. Once that has succeeded, register the second dll in the same way.
  6. Follow the technote that describes how to remove the Outlook forms and extensions caches ZTN1414.
  7. Open Outlook.
  8. Go to Tools | Options | Other | Advanced Options | Com-Addins and click on Add to re-add the Outlook Extensions Addin. It is located here by default C:\ProgramFiles\Zetafax Outlook Extensions\OutExt.dll.
  9. Re-open Outlook and send a fax.


ZTN1113 - HOWTO: Installing Zetafax Outlook forms and extensions

ZTN1337 - HOWTO: Install the Zetafax Outlook extensions using group policy

ZTN1414 - PRB: Zetafax Outlook Extensions or Forms are not updated following an upgrade install

ZTN1492 - INFO: Error 1714. The older version of Zetafax Outlook Extensions cannot be removed

Last updated: 31stJuly 2006 (JW/LD/GR/EB)

Keywords: < extensions> < crash> < outlook>

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