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INFO: File types supported by document conversion add on DOCTIFF.EXE



ID: ZTN1261

This Zetafax technical note applies to:

  • Zetafax version 9 sp1 with the email gateway, web client or API and later.


Using the document conversion add on, over 250 file formats can be converted to TIFF format for faxing very quickly and efficiently without the need to install the native application on the Zetafax server.  Files can be submitted as attachments from the web client, email gateway or Zsubmit program.

More information

The following file formats are supported when using the web client, email gateway or Zsubmit feature of the Zetafax API with the optional document conversion add on:


Generic Text

ASCII Text 7 & 8 bit

ANSI Text 7 & 8 bit

HTML Versions through 3.0

IBM Revisable Form Text All versions

IBM FFT All versions

Microsoft Rich Text Format All versions

Text Mail (MIME) No specific version

Unicode Text All versions

WML Compatible with WML specification 5.2

DOS Word Processors

DEC WPS Plus (DX) Versions through 4.0

DEC WPS Plus (WPL) Versions through 4.1

DisplayWrite 2 & 3 (TXT) All versions

DisplayWrite 4 & 5 Versions through Release 2.0

Enable Versions 3.0, 4.0 and 4.5

First Choice Versions through 3.0

Framework Version 3.0

IBM Writing Assistant Version 1.01

Lotus Manuscript Version 2.0

MASS11 Versions through 8.0

Microsoft Word Versions through 6.0

Microsoft Works Versions through 2.0

MultiMate Versions through 4.0

Navy DIF All versions

Nota Bene Version 3.0

Novell WordPerfect Versions through 6.1

Office Writer Versions 4.0 - 6.0

PC-File Letter Versions through 5.0

PC-File+ Letter Versions through 3.0

PFS:Write Versions A, B and C

Professional Write Versions through 2.1

Q& A Version 2.0

Samna Word Versions through Samna Word IV+

SmartWare II Version 1.02

Sprint Versions through 1.0

Total Word Version 1.2

Volkswriter 3 & 4 Versions through 1.0

Wang PC (IWP) Versions through 2.6

WordMARC Versions through Composer Plus

WordStar Versions through 7.0

WordStar 2000 Versions through 3.0

XyWrite Versions through III Plus



Word Processing Formats

International Word Processors

JustSystems Ichitaro Versions 5.0, 6.0, 8.0, 9.0, and 10.0

Hangul (Korean) Word Processor

Windows Word Processors

Adobe FrameMaker (MIF) Version 6.0, text only

Corel/Novell WordPerfect for Windows Versions through 10

JustWrite Versions through 3.0

Legacy Versions through 1.1

Lotus AMI/AMI Professional Versions through 3.1

Lotus Word Pro Versions 96 -- Millennium Edition 9.6

Microsoft Works for Windows Versions through 4.0

Microsoft Windows Write Versions through 3.0

Microsoft Word for Windows Versions through 2003

Microsoft WordPad All versions

Novell Perfect Works Version 2.0

Professional Write Plus Version 1.0

Q& A Write for Windows Version 3.0

StarOffice Write for Windows and UNIX Version 5.2, text only

WordStar for Windows Version 1.0

Macintosh Word Processors

MacWrite II Version 1.1

Microsoft Word for Mac Versions 3.0 -- 4.0, 98, 2001

Microsoft Works for Mac Versions through 2.0

Novell WordPerfect Versions 1.02 through 3.0

Spreadsheet Formats

Enable Versions 3.0, 4.0 and 4.5

First Choice Versions through 3.0

Framework Version 3.0

Lotus 1-2-3 (DOS & Windows) Versions through 5.0

Lotus 1-2-3 (OS/2) Versions through 2.0

Lotus 1-2-3 Charts (DOS & Windows) Versions through 5.0

Lotus 1-2-3 for SmartSuite Versions 97 - Millennium Edition 9.6

Lotus Symphony Versions 1.0,1.1 and 2.0

Microsoft Excel Charts Versions 2.x - 7.0

Microsoft Excel Macintosh Versions 3.0 - 98

Microsoft Excel Windows Versions 2.2 through 2003

Microsoft Multiplan Version 4.0

Microsoft Works (DOS) Versions through 2.0

Microsoft Works (Mac) Versions through 2.0

Microsoft Works for Windows Versions through 4.0

Mosaic Twin Version 2.5

Novell Perfect Works Version 2.0

PFS:Professional Plan Version 1.0

Quattro Pro for DOS Versions through 5.0

Quattro Pro for Windows Versions through 10

SmartWare II Version 1.02

StarOffice Calc for Windows and UNIX Version 5.2, text only

SuperCalc 5 Version 4.0

VP Planner 3D Version 1.0

Database Formats

Access Versions through 2.0

dBASE Versions through 5.0

DataEase Version 4.x

dBXL Version 1.3

Enable Versions 3.0, 4.0 and 4.5

First Choice Versions through 3.0

FoxBase Version 2.1

Framework Version 3.0

Microsoft Works (DOS) Versions through 2.0

Microsoft Works (Mac) Versions through 2.0

Microsoft Works for Windows Versions through 4.0

Paradox (DOS) Versions through 4.0

Paradox (Windows) Versions through 1.0

Personal R:BASE Version 1.0

R:BASE 5000 Versions through 3.1

R:BASE System V Version 1.0

Reflex Version 2.0

Q & A Versions through 2.0

SmartWare II Version 1.02

Presentation Formats

Corel/Novell Presentations Versions through 10

Harvard Graphics for DOS Versions 2.x & 3.x

Harvard Graphics for Windows Windows versions

Freelance for Windows Versions through Millennium Edition 9.6

Freelance for OS/2 Versions through 2.0

Microsoft PowerPoint for Macintosh Versions 4.0 through 2001

Microsoft PowerPoint for Windows Versions 3.0 through 2003

StarOffice Impress for Windows and UNIX Version 5.2, text only

Graphic Formats

Adobe FrameMaker Graphics (FMV) Version 5.0

Adobe Illustrator Versions through 9.0

Adobe Photoshop (PSD) Version 4.0

Adobe Portable Document Format Versions through 5.0

AmiDraw (SDW) Ami Draw

AutoCAD Interchange Format (DXF) Versions 12 -- 14

AutoCAD Native Drawing Format (DWG) Versions 12 -- 14

Binary Group 3 Fax All versions

Bitmap (BMP, RLE, ICO, CUR, OS/2, DIB & WARP) Windows

CALS Raster (GP4) Type I and Type II

Corel Draw (CDR) Versions 6.0 - 8.0

Corel Draw (CDR with TIFF header) Versions 2.0 - 9.0

Computer Graphics Metafile (CGM) ANSI, CALS NIST version 3.0

Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) TIFF header only

GEM Paint (IMG) No specific version

Graphics Environment Mgr. (GEM) Bitmap & vector

Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) No specific version

Hewlett Packard Graphics Language (HPGL) Version 2

IBM Graphics Data Format (GDF) Version 1.0

IBM Picture Interchange Format (PIF) Version 1.0

Initial Graphics Exchange Spec (IGES) Version 5.1

JFIF (JPEG not in TIFF format) All versions

JPEG (including EXIF) No specific version

Kodak Flash Pix (FPX) No specific version

Kodak Photo CD (PCD) Version 1.0

Lotus PIC No specific version

Lotus Snapshot All versions

Macintosh PICT1 & PICT2 Bitmap only

MacPaint (PNTG) No specific version

Micrografx Draw (DRW) Versions through 4.0

Micrografx Designer (DRW) Versions through 3.1

Micrografx Designer (DSF) Windows 95, version 6.0

Novell PerfectWorks (Draw) Version 2.0

OS/2 Bitmap All versions

OS/2 PM Metafile (MET) Version 3.0

Paint Shop Pro (PSP) Versions 5.0 and 5.01

Paint Shop Pro 6 (PSP) Win32 only

PC Paintbrush (PCX and DCX) No specific version

Portable Bitmap (PBM) All versions

Portable Graymap (PGM) No specific version

Portable Network Graphics (PNG) Version 1.0

Portable Pixmap (PPM) No specific version

Progressive JPEG No specific version

Sun Raster (SRS) No specific version

TIFF Versions through 6

TIFF CCITT Group 3 & 4 Versions through 6

Truevision TGA (TARGA) Version 2

Visio (preview) Version 4

Visio Versions 5, 2000 and 2002

WBMP No specific version

Windows Enhanced Metafile (EMF) No specific version

Windows Metafile (WMF) No specific version

WordPerfect Graphics (WPG & WPG2) Versions through 2.0

X-Windows Bitmap (XBM) x10 compatible

X-Windows Dump (XDM) x10 compatible

X-Windows Pixmap (XPM) x10 compatible

Compressed Formats

GZIP No specific version

LZA Self Extracting Compress No specific version

LZH Compress No specific version

Microsoft Binder Versions 7.0-97

MIME Text Mail No specific version

UUEncode No specific version

UNIX Compress No specific version

UNIX TAR No specific version

ZIP PKWARE versions through 2.04g

Other Formats

Executable (EXE, DLL) No specific version

Executable for Windows NT No specific version

Microsoft Outlook Message (MSG) Text only

Microsoft Project Version 98, text only

vCard Version 2.1

Email gateway

The email gateway can be configured to use either the native application or the document conversion add on (if licensed) to convert files to TIFF format.  Using the document conversion add on, it is not necessary to install rendering applications on the fax server itself.    

The table below lists supported rendering applications using the Zetafax e-mail gateway:


Versions supported

Adobe Acrobat

3.0, 4.0, 5.0

Corel WordPerfect

6.0, 6.1, 2002


97, 2000, 2002 and 2003

Excel Chart



97, 2000, 2002 and 2003


97, 2000, 2002 and 2003




Please note: The quality of the image created when using the document conversion add on is excellent in most cases, however occasionally customers may witness some slight anomalies where the output is not exactly as expected.  This is because the document conversion add on does not use the native application to convert documents to TIFF images.  Whichever method is used, Zetafax allows the user to preview the fax before sending it and make changes if needed.

Last Updated: 22nd July 2005 (AS/EB/LD)

Date Published: 8th October 2004 (SD/SV)

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