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FIX: MTA Corruption causes faxes not to be forwarded to a user's inbox.



ID: ZTN1485

This Zetafax technical note applies to:

  • Zetafax version 8 and later


Users do not receive incoming fax messages into their inboxes, even though the users have been enabled for the email gateway. The fax itself cannot be found in either the \zfax\server\mailout or the \exchsrvr\connect\zetafax\in directories. The MTS-IN connector queue in the Exchange System Manager is also empty.


This issue is caused by a corrupted MTA database in the Exchange Server.


First, check that the email gateway is functioning correctly:

  1. Stop the Zetafax Connector.
  2. Attempt to send through a fax through to a user.

The fax should be located in the \exchsrvr\connect\zetafax\in directory. If this is the case, the email gateway is functioning correctly.  You should restart the connector and confirm that the file is then moved out of the \in directory. If the message leaves the \in directory, check that the MTS-IN queue is empty.


  • The file does not appear in the \exchsrvr\connect\zetafax\in folder,
  • The file does not leave the \exchsrvr\connect\zetafax\in folder after the Zetafax Connector has restarted,
  • The file is stuck in the MTS-IN queue.

Please refer to the following Equisys technote for further troubleshooting information:


If you are able to test the Zetafax connector correctly, as noted above, you should refer to the following technote from Microsoft to confirm the consistency and integrity of the MTA database:


WARNING: This link is provided 'as is' and Equisys cannot guarantee that this link will resolve the issue in the Exchange Server. If the MTACHECK program identifies an issue within Exchange we would recommend that you contact Microsoft for further support.


This issue has been acknowledged by Microsoft in the above article.

Keywords: email gateway exchange MTA missing faxes disappear

Last reviewed: 11 November 2005 (GC/EB)

Date Published:  25 July 2005 (AF/EB/SV)

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