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INFO: Advice on reducing the size of files when using Zetadocs for NAV



ID: ZTN4168

This Zetadocs technical note applies to:

  • Version 5.0 and later of Zetadocs for NAV


Archiving documents to SharePoint using version 5.0 and later of Zetadocs for NAV is subject to file size limits imposed by SharePoint 2010. This technote details ways in which you can reduce the size of files being archived to SharePoint.

More information

This section gives information on reducing the size of files for a particular activity performed in Zetadocs for NAV. Each activity has ways to reduce the size of the resulting files.

Sending Files using Zetadocs PDF

  • Changing the PDF Quality setting to Small.
    • You can adjust the size of the PDF files that Zetadocs creates, there are two options available small and large file size. It is a trade-off between quality and file size, with larger file sizes taking up more disc space and taking longer to deliver.
  • To adjust the file size option:
    • Open the Zetadocs Client.
    • Select Tools from the main menu and then select Options, the Options dialog box will be displayed as shown below.
    • Select the General tab to display the general settings.
    • The PDF file options section contains two options:
      • Smaller file size - This option allows you to apply compression to the pdfs produced by Zetadocs Client, which are usually larger compared to other pdf generation applications.
      • Better image quality- This option gives you better image quality, but the pdf output will be larger.

  • Deactivating Embedded Fonts.

    • Zetadocs has a function which allows it to embed fonts into the pdf files it produces, this ensures that the pdf is displayed the same even if the recipients machine does not have the font used in the document. If fonts are not embedded the pdf will be displayed with the closest approximation that can be found. If you deactivate Embedded Fonts it will significantly reduce the file size.
  • To adjust the Embedded font option:
    • Open the Zetadocs Client.
    • Select Tools from the main menu and then select Options, the Options dialog box will be displayed as shown below.
    • Select the Font tab to display the font settings.
    • Untick the Embed fonts in PDF Document checkbox.


Adjusting Document Stationery

The Zetadocs client applies stationery to items and then converts them to PDF format, the larger and more detailed the images contained in the stationery the larger the PDF file size output. To reduce this you can do the following:

  • Reduce the size or quality of any images present on your stationery.
  • Eliminate any white spaces around or between images, in one example a user had a pair of small images in the top corners of their stationery. They used one large image across the top of the page, with a large white space between them to achieve this. By using two separate images without this space they were able to reduce the file size considerably.

Dragging and Dropping Files to the Zetadocs Document Factbox

  • Outlook Mail items
    • When capturing e-mails consider just dragging the required attachment or saving the files locally and creating a document that contains the required information only. For example, try to remove unnecessary images and attachments.
  • Office Documents
    • Consider editing the document so that it contains the required information only. For example, try to remove unnecessary images and text.
  • Image Files
    • Consider resizing the image using Paint or a similar application. Large images are generally big sized files. Resizing to 50% the original size can reduce the memory used by 4 times.
    • Consider saving the image in a different format. Typically bitmaps (.bmp) are much larger than JPEG (.jpg) or (.PNG). Open the image in Paint of a similar application and ?Save As? a .jpg or .png.

Archiving Files from the Zetadocs Document Queues

  • Zetadocs Server PDF/A Conversion
  • The Zetadocs Server captures documents and converts them to PDF for storage in the archive, it also has a setting which determines the quality of PDF files it creates.
  • To adjust this simply:
    • Navigate to C:\Program Files\Zetadocs Server\Document Converter\ and open the Config.xml file contained within it with a text editing program such as Notepad.exe.
    • Scroll through the file until you reach the < PDFQuality> Better< /PDFQuality> code.
    • Replace Better with Smaller and save the file.
    • Removing unnecessary attachments from Outlook Messages before copying them to the Server for conversion.
    • Modifying the documents to remove unnecessary images and text before copying them to the Server for conversion.
    • Abbyy conversion (barcode and OCR functionality)
      • When importing scanned PDF files into the document queue, the size of the resulting converted file may differ in size to the original. This is due to the processing of the file in order to retrieve the OCR or barcode data. Sometimes, these files may be significantly larger.
      • You can reduce the scan resolution setting on the scanner and by enlarging the size of any barcodes on the documents, offset this lower resolution.
      • To reduce the size of the resulting PDF, the following actions are recommended:
        • Scan the image as a JPEG rather than PDF.
        • Scan using the black and white setting on your scanner.

Last updated: 9th November 2012 (NT/MW)

First Written: 24th February 2012 (BM/MW)

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