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HOWTO: Use Zetadocs for Accounting with Sage Line 50 and 100



ID: ZTN3000

This Zetadocs technical note applies to:

  • Zetadocs for Accounting
  • Sage Line 50
  • Sage Line 100


After installing Zetadocs for Accounting users will be able to use the following process to print documents from Sage.

For Sage Line 50 follow these instructions:

  1. Click the 'Print' button and select the Sage template that you wish to use from the available list.
  2. Select 'Printer' from the drop down list and click the 'Generate Report' button.
  3. You will now be presented by the 'Print - xxx' dialog (Where xxx is the name of the Sage template).
  4. Now continue from point 4. below.

For Sage Line 100 follow these instructions:

  1. After submitting a document for printing in Sage (e.g. an invoice) it will be listed in the 'Print Spooler' within Sage. Open the print spooler by selecting 'Print...' from the 'File' menu.
  2. When presented with the 'Print Spooler' select the document you wish to print then click the 'Print' button.
  3. You should now have a Print - SPOOL001.SRT (as below) dialog.

  1. Click 'Printer' and select the 'Line50 Zetadocs' or 'Line100 Zetadocs' printer then click 'OK' then 'OK' again.

  1. You will now be presented with the 'Zetadocs for Accounting - Printer' dialog box. Choose the desired form from the 'Form' drop down list, select the Printer you wish to print to (in our example we are using the Zetafax printer) then click 'OK'.

  1. The document will now be printed with the chosen form to the selected printer. If you have printed it to the Zetafax printer you will need to address the fax as normal (see below).


ZTN3001-HOWTO Install Zetadocs for Accounting with Sage Line 100.

ZTN3003-PRB Zetafax server reports fax failed error when trying to submit a fax from Sage using embedded addressing commands.

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