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HOWTO: Installing and configuring an Intel Dialogic ISDN PRI DM3 Fax board for use with Zetafax



ID: ZTN1282

This Zetafax technical note applies to:

  • Zetafax version or later


Zetafax can be configured for use with Intel Dialogic Fax boards. The Intel Dialogic fax boards currently supported by Equisys for use with Zetafax are:

ANALOG:                  CPI200PCI, CPI200B2, CPI400PCI, CPI400B2

ISDN BRI:               CPI400BRIPCIU

ISDN PRI:                CPI24001T1PCIU, CPI30001E1PCIU

This technical note will discuss how to configure Zetafax for use with the CPI30001E1PCIU or CPI24001T1PCIU Primary rate DM3 fax boards.  The Intel Dialogic software required for this installation is available on the Zetafax product CD, alternatively it can be downloaded from the Intel website using the following link:


The Intel Dialogic software to be installed is the GDK5.1.1 System release accompanied by Service Pack 1. 

Note: Intel has also released a Feature Pack 1 for the GDK5.1.1 - for more information please contact Intel or refer to their website. 

The user account used to carry out the installation and configuration needs to have Local Administrator rights on the machine.

This technical note assumes that you are configuring a single fax board and hence the Board ID of the fax board you are configuring is set to 0. Please ensure the rotary switch at the front of the board is set to 0, the factory default setting.

The second assumption made in this technical note is that this is the first time the Intel Dialogic software is being installed on the machine; if there has been a previous installation of the software this needs to be completely uninstalled prior to this installation.

More information

The main stages of this installation are:

  • Installing the GDK5.1.1 System release and Service Pack 1 drivers
  • Configuring the DM3 fax board using the Intel Dialogic software
  • Configuring the Intel Fax board as a Zetafax device

Installing the Intel Dialogic GDK5.1.1 software for DM3 fax boards

Before installing any software exit all Windows programs.

  1. Run the SR5.1 install, either from the Zetafax product CD or from the downloaded file from the Intel website. You will be prompted with the following dialog box.

  1. Click "Next".  At this point you will be asked if you would like to read the release guide. If you click "yes" the system release guide window will appear on the screen ready for viewing.  If you click "no", you will be given the opportunity to read it once the installation is complete.
  2. You will then be prompted for registration details, once complete click "Next".
  3. At the next screen the following setup options will be presented:

  1. Click on the "CUSTOM" button to open the Custom Component Selection dialogue:

  1. Select "Drivers, Firmware & Configuration files", "ISDN Package", "DM3" and "GDK" and click "Next".

  1. Leave the dialogue box asking you to select the ISDN protocol blank, as when installing a DM3 fax board you do not need to specify a protocol. Click "Next" to move to the DM3 Component Selection settings.

  1. Check only the "DM3FAX" box. 
  2. Install the files to the default location (i.e. C:\Program Files\Dialogic)
  3. In the "Setup Options Summary" dialogue box, check the settings are correct and click "Next" to start the installation.

  1. Once the installation is complete you can read the Release guide.  After reading the release guide you have to reboot the machine to complete the installation.
  2. Once the machine has been rebooted Service Pack 1 needs to be applied. For installation instructions please refer to the read me file available with the Service Pack or for more detailed information please refer to the SP1 Release notes. Once the Service Pack has been applied, reboot the machine again before configuring the card.

Intel Dialogic System Configuration

Work through the following steps to configure the dialogic software to communicate with the installed hardware.

  1. The DM3 fax card is configured using the GDK Dialogic Configurator, which can be accessed through: Start | Programs | Intel Dialogic System Software | Configure GDK.

  1. Next configure the Network interface of the DM3 board by clicking the "DCM Utility" button. You will be asked where the device is installed; in this case the card is installed on the local computer, which is called "ESC-01". Note: You may configure the card remotely at this point however you need to know the name of the machine where the card is installed.

  1. Click the "Connect" button. This will prompt the Intel Dialogic Configuration Manager to start the detection phase of the board.

  1. During the detection you will be prompted to assign a firmware file, highlight the "gdk_isdn_net5.pcd" file and click "OK".

  1. Once the firmware file has been selected and the detection process is complete the Dialogic configuration manager dialogue box will appear: 

  1. This displays the current DM3 devices installed on the machine, and the installed fax card should be visible along with the Bus it is configured on.  Double click on "Bus-0" and ensure that "Media type (user defined)" is set to "ALaw".

  1. Also ensure that the "NETREF One FRU (User Defined)" value is set correctly.
  2. For E1 (Europe), set this parameter to "GDK_E1 0"
  3. For T1 (USA), set this parameter to "GDK_T1 0".

  1. In order to change the Parameter you need to type the specified parameter in the Value field and click "Apply". Click "OK" to exit this dialogue box and also exit out of the "Dialogic Configuration Manager" dialogue box. This will return you to the "Dialogic GDK Configurator" dialogue box.

  1. Next click the "Control Panel Applet" under "Fax Configuration".

  1. Click "AutoDetect", to start the detection process for all the available fax channels on the board. The following warning message will appear:

  1. As this is a new installation of the fax board click "OK" and the board detection process will complete.

  1. After clicking "OK" the following dialogue box will appear, showing all the available Fax channels that have been detected:

  1. As can be seen for this installation of the CPI30001E1PCIU card 30 channels have been detected and defined as 7 CP/4-LS1 (28 Channels) and 1 CPi/200 (2 Channels); this is for backwards compatibility. If however you were installing the CPI24001T1PCIU card 24 channels would have been detected. Click "OK"
  2. Next select "Import Predefined Configuration".

  1. The following dialogue will appear displaying all the predefined Configuration settings available:

  1. The configuration file chosen here will depend upon whether you are installing the CPI30001E1PCIU or the CPI24001T1PCIU and the type of protocol you are using.
  2. For the CPI30001E1PCIU select the "gdk_isdn_net5_CPi3000CTE1.prf" file (As in Europe only 1 protocol is supported).  For the CPI24001T1PCIU you can choose between a number of .prf files, dependent upon the protocol in use.  Please contact your telecoms provider for further information on the protocol in use.
  3. Once you have chosen the appropriate file click "Open" and select the number of trunks, i.e. the number of cards installed:

  1. Select the appropriate number; in this case 1, and click "OK" to go back to the "GDK Dialogic Configurator" box where you need to select the "Dispatcher" tab:

  • The "Activate Transparent PRI Layer" is selected.
  • The "Number of Trunks" is set to "1".
  • The "Channels per Trunk" is set to "30", (Set to 24 if configuring the CPI24001T1CPIU).
  • The "Line Interface" is set to "DM3".

Once all these settings have been confirmed click "OK", to complete the configuration.



Configuring the Intel Dialogic Fax Board as a Zetafax Device

Once the device has been installed and configured using the Intel Dialogic software the device needs to be added and configured as a Zetafax fax device.

  1. Start the Zetafax configuration console - Start | Programs | Zetafax | Zetafax Configuration and select "Devices.

  1. Right click on "Devices and select "Add". This will bring up the "Device Configuration Wizard".

  1. Click "Next". You will then be prompted to select the type of device you are trying to add.

  1. Select "GammaLink fax board channel" and click on the "Add" button.  You will then be asked to configure the settings for the device:

  1. By default the "Connected on port" will default to Channel 1 and as you are configuring the first channel this can be left at the default. This parameter is where the Zetafax device is associated with the GammaLink logical fax channel. In the description field name the device - e.g. Intel Dialogic DM3 card Channel 1.
  2. Configure a dial prefix - (i.e. 9, for external line) and an Organisation name to appear on the header line of each outgoing fax page.
  3. Specify a user to receive all incoming faxes on that channel, if the channel is used for outgoing faxes only then leave this set to "disabled".  If however you want to use the channel for incoming calls only then select a user to receive incoming faxes and check the tick box "Use for incoming calls only".  Click "OK".

  1. The added device can now be viewed under "Configured devices".  A device needs to be added and configured within Zetafax for each ISDN channel used. In this scenario we are installing a 30 Channel PRI card, therefore we need to add and configure a further 29 devices in the same way.
  2. Note:The second device should be configured on port "Channel2" and the 3rd on "Channel3" and so on all the way till the 30th device on "Channel30", i.e. GAMMA-1 on CHANNEL1, GAMMA-2 on CHANNEL2, GAMMA3 on CHANNEL3 and so on.
  3. Once all the devices have been added click "Next" and then click "Finish" to complete the installation.
  4. Stop and restart the Zetafax server and once all the configured devices are initialised successfully, they will be sitting idle ready to send and/or receive faxes:


For additional information on configuring and troubleshooting Intel Dialogic Primary rate DM3 fax cards please refer to the following technical notes:

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