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HOWTO: Sending multiple documents as a single fax message to an Amicus Attorney contact



ID: ZTN1208

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Zetafax allows you to send multiple documents as a single fax message using the 'multi-doc' functionality. Multi-document faxes can combine different file types, for example Word, WordPerfect and Excel documents, into one fax message. This document describes the steps required for sending a multi-document fax specifically to Amicus Attorney contacts.

More information

Additional Zetafax technical notes are available from the Support pages of the Equisys website at www.equisys.com/support.

Sending multiple documents as a single fax message

  1. Ensure that the Zetafax server and client are running.
  2. Open the initial document to fax. Select File> Print or press Ctrl+P, select the Zetafax printer for this print job and click OK.

  1. In the resulting Zetafax Addressing dialog box, click on the Multi-doc button to display the Multi-document Fax dialog. Press the OK button to continue.

  1. Now open your next document to be attached and print it to the Zetafax printer. This will launch the second Multi-document Fax dialog. To attach more documents to the fax message select the second option from the list, open the next document and print it once more to the Zetafax printer. This operation should be repeated for each subsequent document that you wish to attach.

  1. Once you have sent to print the last document that you intend to add to the fax message, select 'Add this document to the multi-document fax and send the fax now' and press OK. This will display the Zetafax Addressing dialog once again.
  2. In the Addressing dialog you can either specify the recipients manually or by clicking on Address Book. If you click on Address Book, the following dialog will be displayed:

  1. From the Data source drop-down menu select Amicus Attorney contacts. This will display a list of all the contacts in the Amicus Attorney contacts database.
  2. Highlight the required users from the list and click Add to list for selected recipients only or Add all if you wish to send the fax to all the displayed contacts. Click OK to confirm your selection.
  3. In the resulting Zetafax Options dialog specify a subject line and a coversheet note as required. Select the appropriate coversheet, specify any other required information and click OK to submit the multi-document fax to the Zetafax server for sending.

Last updated: 02 July 2002 (MM/SV)

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