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HOWTO: Security harden your Zetadocs for NAV system



ID: ZTN4277

This Zetadocs technical note applies to:

  • Zetadocs for Microsoft Dynamics NAV


This technote details the steps required to harden your Zetadocs for NAV system against possible security threats.

More information

Zetadocs for NAV provides the ability to print and send NAV information and in that respect consideration should be made as to ensuring the safety of both the information and the method of delivery. As Zetadocs integrates with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Office Outlook as standard for the source and destination of the information attention should be paid to the access permissions with NAV to particular data. Overall best practices should be followed for the deployment of NAV and Office Outlook.

Similarly the setup and configuration forms within Zetadocs for NAV are recommended for access only by an NAV Administrator and therefore access permission roles should be set up to this effect as with the other areas of NAV. For general advice on Security Hardening for NAV and other general recommendations please refer to the "Navision Security Hardening Guide" which is downloadable from http://www.mibuso.com/dlinfo.asp?FileID=474.

Zetadocs Setup

Some features of Zetadocs for NAV involve the use of shared network folders. It is strongly recommended that only the necessary users are granted access to these folders. Examples of these are: Zetadocs Template folders, Zetadocs Document Queue folders.

The Zetadocs Configuration, which contains details of enabled users, license and location of shared network folders, is stored in the domain partition of Active Directory. Optionally this configuration can be stored on a network share; it is also strongly recommended that only the necessary users are granted access to this folder.

SharePoint Security

If integrating with Microsoft SharePoint as a document archive, consideration should be made as to the access permissions of users to view potentially sensitive archived information. For general security recommendations for Microsoft SharePoint Server please refer to Microsoft documentation. Some information on security hardening can be found here http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc262849.aspx.

From Zetadocs for NAV, rules can be setup to change the archive location of documents dependant on type and writing some code in the Zetadocs-Customization codeunit, per record archive locations can be set dependant on content. For this reason it is recommended to consider access permissions when creating the Zetadocs System Rules.

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