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HOWTO: Perform a Backup of Zetadocs for NAV



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This Zetadocs technical note applies to:

  • Zetadocs for Microsoft Dynamics NAV


This technote describes how to perform backups of a Zetadocs for Microsoft Dynamics NAV system.

More information

This technote describes how to perform backups of a Zetadocs for Microsoft Dynamics NAV system. This enables you to safeguard your organizations information resources by holding extra copies in secure locations and enables you to restore your systems following problems with the original data.

How Zetadocs for NAV Backup integrates with NAV Backup

Zetadocs for NAV has additional tables contained within NAV which when NAV is fully backed up will also be included within the backup meaning that there is no additional overhead in performing the standard operation. There are however elements to Zetadocs for NAV which exist separately from NAV which will require additional steps to include in a complete backup.

Document Queues - The Zetadocs Document Queues are centralized folders for processing documents from, in essence a virtual in tray. The Zetadocs Document Queues operates by accessing a shared network folders which contains documents received by NAV via email, fax or scanned from hard copy sources. As the folder is not part of NAV it will not be backed up during an NAV backup as such it is desirable to backup the network folders separately.

SharePoint Archive - If the archiving options in Zetadocs have been configured to archive documents into a SharePoint archive then this to would need to be backed up separately as well to ensure that the record of processed documents is not lost. The backup of this data falls under the standard backup of a SharePoint system and therefore may be part of your existing backup procedure.

Preparations before Backing up

It is important to have a clear strategy for dealing with system backups as it is both business critical and also a legal requirement that backups of essential business data be kept. There are obviously a number of decisions to be made when backing up:

  • Identify the data to be backed up
  • Frequency and Timing of the Backup
  • Storage Format
  • Storage Location

Performing an NAV System Backup

To perform a backup follow the standard NAV backup instructions, a full system backup will include both NAV and the Zetadocs elements integrated into NAV.

Backing up the Zetadocs Document Queues

To backup the document queues you need to simply locate the network folders used for your queues and copy those folders to the assigned storage location for your backup.

Backing up your SharePoint System

Backup of all SharePoint site and document libraries for Zetadocs for NAV are covered in a standard Microsoft SharePoint backup.

Restoring a Zetadocs for NAV system

To restore your Zetadocs for NAV system following problems with the original data you need to restore 3 separate elements. The NAV system backup itself which contains the additional Zetadocs elements, the document queue backup and the SharePoint archive.

Preparations for Restoring your System

It is important to have a clear strategy for dealing with system restorations as it is critical to the business that the system can be restored. There are obviously a number of decisions to be made when restoring the system:

  • Identify the storage location for the backup
  • Identify which backup data set is to be restored

Restoring your Zetadocs for NAV System

At some point you may need to restore your system using a backup, this will restore the Zetadocs for NAV system excluding the document queue and the SharePoint archive which will be covered later in this guide. To restore your system follow the standard restore instructions as laid down in NAV.

Backups that were exported with the Microsoft Dynamics NAV backup facility can be imported by using Tools, Restore. You should always restore the database backup into a new (empty) database.

Restoring the Document Queues

  • Locate the copy of the network folders which contained the contents of your document queues in your backup location.
  • Copy the folders (or the specific elements you desire) to the network folders being used for your respective document queues. The location of these folders will be specified within the Zetadocs Sales Document Queue Setup Form and Zetadocs Purchase Document Queue Setup Form.

Restoring your SharePoint System

All SharePoint sites and document libraries for Zetadocs for NAV can be restored using the standard Microsoft SharePoint Restore instructions.

Reinstalling the Zetadocs for NAV SharePoint Extensions

If you have had to completely rebuild your SharePoint system then you will need to reinstall the Zetadocs for NAV SharePoint Extensions after you have restored your SharePoint system.

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