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HOWTO Running Zetadocs NAV server Delivery on a NAS



This Zetadocs technical note applies to:

  • Version 8 of Zetadocs NAV and later
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 and later


This technote will go through the steps of setting up a dedicated NAS instance to run the Zetadocs Server Delivery Jobs.

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To enable the dedicated NAS service for Zetadocs Server Delivery you will need to follow the steps below:

1.     Open the Dynamics NAV Administration MMC

2.     Right Click the Microsoft Dynamics NAV in the left pane and select Add instance

3.     Set the preferred name for the instance and make sure that the user that this instance will run as is the same as the user running the other NAV Server instance.

4.     After clicking Ok verify that the instance was created.

5.     Select the newly created instance and in the middle pane of the newly created NAS instance set the Services Default Company.

For NAV 2016 and earlier systems, as well as for NAV 2017 cumulative update 24 systems and later, follow steps 6-10. For NAV 2017 prior to cumulative update 24 systems skip to step 11.

6.     Now, in the middle pane go to the NAS Services tab

7.     Set the Startup Codeunit to 450 and restart the service

8.     Open your NAV client and navigate to Job Queues

9.     Make sure that the Zetadocs Job Queues are set to start automatically from NAS and that the Start on this instance is set to the newly created NAS instance.

10.  Restart your NAS instance

For NAV 2016 and NAV 2017 CU 24, your setup is finished.

11.  in the middle pane go to the Task Scheduler tab and make sure it is enabled.

12.  Select the existing NAV instance and in the middle pane go to the Task Scheduler tab and make sure it is disabled this will make sure the Scheduled tasks will be run on the newly created NAS.

13.  Restart the NAS instance

For more information please visit Microsoft’s Article on Configuring NAS Services

Last updated: 1st August 2019 (JC/CR) 

Keywords: NAS Instance, Job Queues, Scheduled Tasks, Dedicated server

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