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HOWTO: Forward & resend Faxes sent via the API using the Zetafax Client



ID: ZTN1665

This Zetafax technical note applies to:

  • Zetafax v2006 and later


After you have submitted a fax for sending from the API, you cannot forward or resend the fax from the Zetafax Client, even though the fax appears in the Outbox of the Zetafax Client.  There is a workaround to enable it.

More information

In order to resolve the problem, you need to change how you send the fax using the API.  The problem occurs with the attachments to the message.  You must add an empty file to the beginning of the Files collection of the message object in the API.  That is, the empty file must be the first file added to the message’s Files collection.

ZfAPIClass oZfAPI = new ZfAPIClass();

ZfLib.UserSession oUserSession;

ZfLib.NewMessage oNewMessage;

oUserSession = oZfAPI.Logon(" MyUserName" , false);

oNewMessage = oUserSession.CreateNewMsg(); //message to be sent

// create an empty file to add to the start of the message's Files collection

string pathToEmptyFile = @" C:\temp.tmp" ;

// this will create an empty file at the path specified (see .NET documentation)

using (FileStream fs = System.IO.File.Create(pathToEmptyFile))



oNewMessage.Files.Add(pathToEmptyFile);  // empty file is added first



// etc with other attachments


With faxes sent in this manner, the problem will be resolved, and you will be able to resend and forward faxes in the Zetafax Client.

Last updated: 10/ 01/08 (PF/DH)

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