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HOWTO: Configuring Zetafax with Cardiff TELEform



ID: ZTN1054

This Zetafax technical note applies to:

  • Zetafax 6.01 or later
  • Cardiff TELEform 6.1 and later


Cardiff TELEform integrated with Zetafax is the ideal solution for organisations that require standard forms to be faxed back and automatically entered into the company database. The solution goes a long way to reducing the total cost of ownership by eliminating data entry, reducing paper handling, shortening the turnaround time, simplifying communications and improving productivity.

It works as follows: The form has pointers on the form allowing TELEform to recognise an inbound fax to the TELEform Zetafax user as one of its own and identify the fields.

Received faxes come into a Zetafax inbox for TELEform.  The TELEform Reader collects all faxes from this inbox, and interprets them, allowing you to correct any misread characters. Once verified the data is ready to be fed into the company database.

Forms can be sent out directly from TELEform using Zetafax, and when Zetafax is also being used for network faxing the normal inward routing mechanisms (Direct dial, line routing etc) can be used to route received forms into TELEform.

More information

To use Zetafax with TELEform you should install Zetafax 6.01 or later with a valid Zetafax connector for Cardiff TELEform .  You will also need Cardiff TELEform 6.1 or later - check the Cardiff web site http://www.cardiff.com/ to ensure you have the latest version of the TELEform drivers for Zetafax.

Zetafax systems that are used with Cardiff TELEform should normally be configured with Brooktrout or Gammafax intelligent fax boards.  This is the only supported configuration, as these boards are best suited to the high volume of faxes typically used in forms processing applications and also correct the errors in received faxes before it is passed to the TELEform processing engine. Equisys does not recommended the use fax modems for these reasons, please see the 'References' section in this document for further information.

Before you install TELEform, make sure that the Zetafax client software is installed on the computer.  Create a Zetafax user account (e.g. called "TELEFORM") to store received faxes for processing by TELEform.  Logon as that account on the Zetafax client to verify communication with the Zetafax server.

Follow the standard TELEform installation procedure. You will be presented with a 'Fax Options' dialog box.

  1. Select Equisys Zetafax from the list and click Next > . To proceed with the installation.
  2. When the 'Zetafax Setup' dialog box appears, in the 'Login Name' text box, enter the name of the Zetafax user account created above.
  3. Assuming you are using an intelligent fax board, select the 'Also retrieve messages received with errors' option.  Fax modems are only supported with TELEform for demonstration purposes since any errors in the received fax data can cause problems in the TELEform OCR engine - if using a modem you should leave this option unselected.

If you wish to use the Zetafax client on the same computer it is recommended that you create a separate Zetafax account for TELEform. The TELEform Login name may be changed after initial configuration from the TELEform Print Manager's Utilities menu | Connect Agent Setup| Zetafax.


For additional information on TELEform, please see the following Zetafax technical note:

ZTN1069-HOWTO Using Cardiff TELEform and Zetafax with a fax modem.

Last updated: 22 January 2001 (GC/GW)

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