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HOWTO: Configuring Zetafax (pre 6.01) with Citrix WinFrame.



ID: ZTN1024

This Zetafax technical note applies to:

  • Zetafax Version 5.0 or later
  • Citrix WinFrame Version 1.6 or above Service Pack 5 or greater and Hot fix SE165058.EXE (LOCALMON.DLL is the file that needs to be updated by the Hot fix)


Citrix WinFrame allows non-Windows based clients the ability to run the Zetafax client in a WinFrame client session. To enable this it requires further configuration of the Zetafax client as detailed below.

More information

Citrix users submit faxes from applications using the "Zetafax FaxMerge Printer" - the alternative "Zetafax Printer" is not supported under Citrix WinFrame. Once Zetafax is installed, a user can fax a document by selecting Zetafax FaxMerge Printer from the print menu. This causes the file ZETAFAX.SPL to be created and spooled to a directory where it is collected by the Zetafax application and faxed.

Spooled fax files are sent to a common location. To prevent concurrent thin clients from overwriting each other's spooled files, each user's home directory is mapped to a common drive letter.

Having a common drive letter mapped to a user's home directory accomplishes two things. It allows the spooling from the Zetafax FaxMerge Printer queue to be set to one location (the single mapped drive letter) and still have the files sent to each user's home directory. Similarly, it allows the Zetafax workstation to look for the spooled files in one location and find them in each user's home directory.

The following instructions assume each user has an assigned home directory with full rights to that directory.

Preliminary Home Directory Setup

For each user, including the administrator:

  1. Share the user's home directory and set the share name to the user's name.
  2. In User Manager for Domains, open Properties.
  3. Under Profile, connect Drive Z (or another unused drive letter) to \\server\%username%.
  4. Next, logout and log back in. Drive Z should now be accessible to each user.

Installing Zetafax Software

  1. At the command prompt, type change user /install.
  2. Install the Zetafax software as directed by the Zetafax instructions.
  3. Open Zetafax Workstation Setup, select Install Workstation - standard settings, and follow the installation instructions.
  4. In Workstation Setup, select Edit Configuration - advanced settings.
    1. In the first window, select Neither Of The Above (Uses USERNAME Variable Instead).
    2. In the next window, leave the field blank and select OK.
    3. Select language and click OK.
    4. Enter Z: for the storage destination of the spooled print files and workstation log.
    5. Click OK to exit the configuration editor.
    6. After installation is complete, type change user /execute at the command prompt.

Printer Setup

  1. Open Print Manager.
  2. Select Printer and then Properties for the Zetafax FaxMerge Printer queue.
  3. Select Other under Print To.
  4. Select Local Port for Print Destination.
  5. Enter Z:\zetafax.spl for the port name.
  6. If the "Zetafax Printer" has been installed, remove it.

Note - The Citrix Hot fix is required for printing to work correctly.Without the Hot fix installed, the following error message from the Win32 spooler is received when a user tries to print:

" Error writing to z:\zetafax.spl for Document 'document': Access is denied."


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Last updated: 10 January 2000 (GC/GW)

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