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INFO: RTF support for Lotus Notes with Zetafax (pre 6.00b).



ID: ZTN1022

This Zetafax technical note applies to:

  • Zetafax 5.5 and 6.00a


By default version 5.5 of the Zetafax e-mail gateway for Lotus Notes removes text formatting from the body of messages submitted from a Notes client.  This means that if you submit an e-mail using a Notes form, only the text will be sent with the form formatting being lost.

This behaviour can be changed to cause some formatting to be retained.  The body text is treated as Rich Text Format (RTF), and passed to a wordprocessor for rendering in the same way as if you attached an RTF format file to the e-mail.

From Zetafax 6.00b this feature is done automatically depending on the settings selected by the user - see the Zetafax User Guide for further information.

More information

To enable the RTF (rich text format) option, do the following:


(adding the line if not already present).

  1. Edit the file zfax\MAIL\DATA\DRIVER.INI (where 'zfax' is the name of the directory where the Zetafax server files are installed).  Locate the [Notes] section, then add change the "RTF=" line to
  2. Run the Zetafax Configuration program.  Choose "Change server settings", then "Mail gateway", and click the "Rendering" button.  On the "Application" tab, select your main word processor application (e.g. Microsoft Word) and click "Associate".  Now enter "RTF" in the customised extension field and click "Add" to add it to the list of extensions.  Click OK to save the changes, then close the Zetafax Configuration program.
  3. Finally, test the configuration by sending a message from Notes which contains some text formatting.  You should see the Zetafax server start your Word Processor, passing it the text as an RTF file for rendering.


For additional information on Zetafax and Lotus Notes see the Zetafax Software Guide 'Installing the Zetafax e-mail gateway for Lotus Notes'

Last updated: 10 January 2000 (GC/GW)

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