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HOWTO: Configure Zetafax to print faxes automatically



ID: ZTN1194

This Zetafax technical note applies to:

  • Zetafax server 7.5 and later


Zetafax can be configured to automatically print faxes which have been received or sent successfully. This document explains the steps required to setup Zetafax for automatic printing.

More information

Log on to the system which has Zetafax server installed. Then work through he following steps:

Run the Zetafax configuration program, (Start|Programs|Zetafax|Zetafax Configuration).

In the section on the left, click on the section titled 'Server settings'. In the right side of the window you will now have a list of server components that you are able to configure. The third and fourth options will be titled 'Automatic printing of sent faxes' and 'Automatic printing of received faxes'.

Note: As both procedures are the same. This tech note will only refer to the printing of received faxes.

Double click on the 'Automatic printing of received faxes', you should be presented with the following dialog box.

You now have the following options:

  1. Printer to use: See below
  2. Print fax message: Checking this option results in the fax message being printed once it is received.
  3. Print status report: Checking this option results in the status report of the fax message being printed once it is received. Note: If this is the only option checked this will result in only the status report being printed.
  4. Delete fax after spooling for printing: This option will delete the fax from the users Inbox once it has been received and forwarded for printing.
  5. Layout: This option lets you configure Zetafax so that multiple documents are printed on single sheets of paper with or without formatting (borders and shadows).

Printer to use:

If you click on the 'Select' button next to the 'Printer to use' section then the following dialog box is presented.

You now have the following options;

  1. Main printer: This is the default printer that print jobs will be forwarded to, unless a Zetafax user profile directs print jobs to another printer or the fax is longer and an alternative printer has been specified.
  2. Printer for longer faxes: This option is if the received fax is longer than the specified paper size in the 'Main printer' section. Users can specify that the document is printed to the same printer and spilt over two pages, or that the image is compressed so that it is printed onto a single page. Alternatively you can specify separate paper tray or printer with the correct type of paper size.

Note: If you specify an alternative paper tray or printer for longer faxes, any received faxes with one or more long pages in the document will be submitted to the alternative paper tray or printer for longer faxes. For example if you receive a fax with a normal (A4/letter) size coversheet and a longer (Legal) size document, then the pages will be printed out on the alternative printer.


For further information please refer to the Zetafax user manual.

Last updated: 20th February 2002 (SV/DH)

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