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HOWTO: Configure Least Cost Routing for Zetafax servers within the same country



ID: ZTN1669

This Zetafax technical note applies to:

  • All Zetafax servers with Least Cost Routing capabilities


This technical note provides guidelines on how to configure Least Cost Routing (LCR) for Zetafax servers located in different regions within the same country.

As an example, consider a company with offices in Sydney and Melbourne: You can configure the Sydney server to route Melbourne-bound faxes via the Melbourne server. Likewise, the Melbourne server can be configured to route all Sydney-bound faxes via the Sydney server.

More information

The principle is the same as regular Least Cost Routing documented in the Zetafax Configuration help files (online help files can be accessed here) so LCR should be configured as per the help files.
However LCR destination settings and Telephone Dialling Properties should be configured as follows:

On BOTH Zetafax servers, configure LCR destination settings:
Open Zetafax Configuration – Server settings – Least Cost Routing of faxes – Destinations. Set up Areas under Australia:

Set up Sydney as numbers starting " 2" (as opposed to 02) and Melbourne " 3" (as opposed to 03).

Configure an LCR rules as you would normally:
On the Sydney server so that faxes to Melbourne will be sent using the Melbourne server.
On the Melbourne server, set up an LCR rule so that Sydney-bound numbers will be sent using the Sydney server. Refer to the LCR help files if necessary.

Configure Telephone dialling properties:
In Telephone Dialling properties, under the Server location section, choose Australia and Area Code of 02 on the Sydney server (and 03 on the Melbourne server).

Set the international access code suitably (e.g. 0011 if in Australia).

Now test sending a fax to a number beginning 03xxx from the Sydney Zetafax server. This should be routed to the Melbourne Zetafax server for sending. Other faxes should be sent from the local server.
Likewise, send a number beginning 02xxx from the Melbourne Zetafax server – this should route to the Sydney Zetafax server to send.


Least Cost Routing Online Help files

Last updated: 03 March 2008 (AC/MW)

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