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HOWTO: Capture Brooktrout logging using the Dialogic Fax Diagnostic Tool



ID: ZTN1768

This Zetafax technical note applies to:

  • Zetafax Version 12 SP1 and above


When troubleshooting Brooktrout boards for the sending/receiving of faxes it can be necessary to use the Dialogic Fax Diagnostic Tool to narrow down where the problem lies.

This technote outlines how to download, configure and gather debug logging from the Dialogic Fax Diagnostic Application.

More information

Download and configure of the Dialogic Fax Diagnostic Tool

*Before performing the following steps make sure the Zetafax server application or service is not running.

  1. The Dialogic FD (Fax Diagnostic) Tool can be downloaded from the following link: -
  2. ftp://ftp.equisys.com/pub/Brooktrout/fdtool-6.0.0.zip

  3. Once downloaded, extract the zip folder to an appropriate folder on the Zetafax server.
  4. Open the folder root and run FDTool.exe which will launch the following window: -
  5. Choose the configure button and choose “OK” when the following window appears: -

  6. You will then be presented with the Brooktrout Configuration Tool window as shown below: -

  7. Under BTCall Parameters ensure the country code is selected appropriately.
  8. Select the module under Call Control Parameters. Ensure that PCM Companding is set to A-LAW for the European Union and Mu-Law for the USA.
  9. Choose Save then Apply. Close the Brooktrout Configuration Tool window.
  10. Select “Initalize” which will prepare the board for sending/receiving faxes.

Configure Debug and VTTY trace logging

Debug logging provides detailed transmission information and can highlight why faxes are failing to either be sent or received. Debug logging can be enabled by choosing the Tools option and ensuring Debug has been ticked.

Additionally for ISDN boards it is necessary to take a VTTY trace which records line information. To enable this trace log choose Tools, VTTY Tracer.

Sending/Receiving Faxes using the FD Tool

To send a fax using the FD Tools on the main window select “DialString”. Enter the destination fax number and click Dial to send the fax.

To receive a fax simply send a fax from either a Zetafax Server or manual fax machine to the fax number connected to the FD Tool.

Note. It is important to record the date and time of the fax traffic to make it easier for the engineer to troubleshoot the problem.

Capture the Brooktrout logs

To capture the Debug logs simply browse to the root folder of the Dialogic Fax Diagnostic Tool. Take a copy of the Logs folder.

Using a compression program such as WinZip or Windows Compression, zip the folder so that it can be emailed to Equisys support.


Last updated: 14th December 2009 (IN/MW)

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