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FIX: Zetafax Server service timeouts with a large number of devices



ID: ZTN1714

This Zetafax technical note applies to:

  • Zetafax 2008 and later


When running Zetafax Server as a service, if there are a large number of devices configured on the system, the Zetafax Server service start up timeouts after 10 minutes. The following error is displayed on the Zetafax Server monitor and the logs:

08-11-04 11:46:31  SYSMAN     - (S) - Initialisation taken too long – aborting
08-11-04 11:46:31  SYSMAN     - (I) - Closing down ZETAFAX programs
08-11-04 11:46:31  SYSMAN     - (I) - Waiting for system processes to terminate


The Zetafax Server start up timeout is fixed at 10 minutes.


To resolve this problem, please perform the following steps.  Once complete, you will be able to configure the Zetafax Server service start up timeout:

  1. Extract the file provided to a temporary location, e.g. c:\temp\
  2. Stop the Zetafax Server.
  3. Browse to < program files> \Zetafax Server\Server.
  4. Rename Sysman.exe to Sysman.exe.old.
  5. Copy the new file provided (Sysman.exe) into your < program files> \Zetafax Server\SERVER\ folder.  Ensure that the file version is 12.1.677.
  6. You are now ready to configure the Zetafax Server service timeout. Browse to < program files> \Zetafax Server\System\Z-DB.
  7. Open the setup.ini file in a text editor.
  8. Add the following line into the [OPTIONS] paragraph in the setup.ini file:

  9.             ServiceStartTimeout: < timeout in seconds>

  10. Save the setup.ini.
  11. Start the Zetafax Server service.
  12. You might see the following error due to the Service Control Manager timing out. Please ignore this error as it will not have any effect on the start up of the Zetafax Server service.


This behaviour was corrected as a hot-fix. Please contact Equisys support for download instructions.

Last updated: 29th January 2009 (HP/MW)

Keywords: Zetafax Server

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