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FIX: Zetafax Release Notes - Version



ID: ZTN1157

This Zetafax technical note applies to:

  • Zetafax


This document, details issues in previous versions of Zetafax that have been addressed in this release of Zetafax. These fixes have subsequently been rolled into the Zetafax release, see ZTN1216-FIX: Zetafax Release Notes - Version for more details.

Enhancements in this release

Zetafax Exchange connector.

  1. Exchange 2000 connector no longer fails with a logon failure.

The Exchange 2000 connector install now removes all references to the previous connector on upgraded Exchange 5.5 servers, that could possibly cause the newly installed connector the fail with logon error.

  1. Exchange 5.5 connector does not install on a domain controller.

The Exchange 5.5 connector install has been modified to install on Exchange 5.5 servers hosted on Primary and Backup domain controllers.

Zetafax SMTP gateway.

  1. Zetafax SMTP gateway no longer deletes inbound faxes when SMTP mail server is down.

The Zetafax SMTP gateway now stores a copy of the fax received when the mail server is down or unreachable. The administrator is then able to forward these faxes stored in the Zetafax SMTP Server\DATA\IN directory once normal communications have been reinstated, where 'Zetafax SMTP Server' is the name of the directory where the Zetafax SMTP software is installed.

Zetafax e-mail gateway.

  1. Zetafax Outlook options have been translated.

The Zetafax Outlook extensions and forms have been translated into French, German, Italian and Spanish. These previously only supported English.

  1. Unable to edit the subject line of the Zetafax forms.

This feature has been added to this release.

  1. The Zetafax Outlook extensions could cause erroneous form cache errors.

The Outlook extension have been optimised to reduce the possibility of the Outlook forms cache becoming corrupt.

  1. The Exchange working directories path incorrect for Exchange 2000.

The Exchange gateway dialog now populates the correct Exchange working directories path if Zetafax is installed on the Exchange server.

  1. The list of available rendering applications with the e-mail gateway are outdated.

The list of available rendering applications has been updated to include support for the latest Office applications and Adobe Acrobat 5.0.

Zetafax client.

  1. Zetafax printer for Windows XP Professional.

The Zetafax printer driver has been updated to support the latest Microsoft operating system.

  1. Support for Office XP suite of applications.

The Zetafax add-ins have been updated to support Word 2002, Excel 2002 and PowerPoint 2002.

  1. Multi-doc feature fails with fax shots.

It is now possible to use the Multi-doc fax feature with fax shots larger than 50 people. Previous behavior was to send the last printed page to the remaining recipients.

  1. Address book control buttons missing on Polish client.

The Polish version of the Zetafax client has been corrected to include all address book control buttons on the appropriate dialogs.

  1. Save as system file dialog too short on French client.

The 'Save as system file' dialog box on the French client is no longer truncated and now displayed in full.

  1. Print to fax with a Citrix application server installed on Windows 2000 fails to function correctly on some systems.

The update (ZFDMCTXP.EXE) that resolved this issue is included in this release.


For details of new features in this release please see \zfax\system\WHATSNEW.HTM (where 'zfax' is the name of the directory where the Zetafax server files reside).

Last updated: 13 February 2003 (GC/DH)

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