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FIX: Zetafax Release Notes - Version



ID: ZTN1076

This Zetafax technical note applies to:

  • Zetafax


This document, details issues in previous versions Zetafax that have been addressed in this release of Zetafax.

Enhancements in this release

Zetafax e-mail gateway.

  1. E-mail gateway optimisation.

The e-mail gateway program (STM32) has been optimised to reduce the load on the system processor.

  1. E-mail gateway time zone issue removed.

The first mail message sent through the mail gateway after a restart on a Zetafax server with time zone set to more than GMT +1, would cause an invalid page fault in STM32.EXE.

  1. Rendering support for Bitmaps and JPEG's on Windows 2000.

Images attached to e-mails are now rendered directly by the e-mail gateway on Windows 2000, as Kodak Imaging does not support automated printing.

  1. Automatic printing enhanced to support file forwarding formats.

Automatic printing of received faxes now supports the "MailSendFormat" option. This option allows received faxes to be forwarded as standard image file formats through the e-mail gateway. See \zfax\system\z-db\SETUP.WRI (where 'zfax' is the name of the directory where the Zetafax server files reside) for the supported list of file formats.

  1. Easier configuration for e-mail gateway with Lotus Domino R5.

The e-mail gateway is able to locate the path to NNOTES.DLL on a R5 Domino without specifying in the path statement.

  1. Support for the Zetafax Outlook extensions foreign versions.

This removes the " PVT root folder not found" error on Italian versions of Microsoft Outlook when configuring the Zetafax extensions.

  1. Error 2 removed when configuring the e-mail gateway.

Clicking OK on the e-mail gateway configuration dialog no longer causes "Error 2" message.

  1. Better error logging.

The e-mail gateway reports more detailed errors in the Zetafax server log for messages that fail the rendering process and for users attempting to submit messages to the e-mail gateway that are not authorised to do so.

Zetafax client.

  1. Incompatibility between the Zetafax client and Internet Explorer version 5 removed.

During the Zetafax client initialisation on certain systems, ZETAFAX.EXE caused a stack fault in COMCTL32.DLL. This problem is known to occur when Internet Explorer version 5 or later is installed on Windows 95 and 98 platforms, and where one or more of the Zetafax client's in, out and filed windows are empty, and either turned off or very small.

  1. Zetafax client fax addressing issue.

It is no longer possible to queue a fax for sending without addressing it, if more than one fax number was selected from the previous recipients list, and the 'Add to list' button was not used.

This also fixes the address book and add an entry from the previous recipients list issue, where previously the name would be removed but not the company name and fax no.

  1. Zetafax client exit when minimised issue.

The possibility for the Zetafax client to cause an invalid page fault when closed from minimised on Windows 98 has been removed.

  1. Zetafax client window retains the user-defined size.

While using the Zetafax client, if you maximise the viewer window and then close and reopen Zetafax, the viewer window is back to its default size.

  1. Support for saving annotated faxes.

The Zetafax client now supports saving annotations with the fax message.

  1. Zetafax client warning on application servers removed.

The Zetafax client warning: "Unable to map alternative spool area - faxes printed in a thin client session will not be processed" has been removed if the client's user area has been successfully assigned as the spool path using the "SUBST" command.

  1. New Zetafax client for Citrix WinFrame.

The Zetafax 16 bit client has been replaced with a 32 bit client optimised to run on Citrix WinFrame and has resolved the following issues:

  • Stack overflow when saving a fax image with a transmission report.
  • Release preview for sending dialog causes the client to hang if you click 'no'.
  • Preview icon not visible.
  • Invalid page fault when saving a forwarded fax.

Zetafax server

  1. DEVFC.EXE optimisation.

The Zetafax modem device driver (DEVFC) no longer uses 100% of the systems processor time when sending a fax without any header information and the system default locale is set to Greek or Russian.

  1. BFAXINIT.EXE support for long file names.

The Brooktrout intelligent fax board initialisation program (BFAXINIT) now supports installations to directories with long names that contain spaces.

  1. EPSTIFF.EXE 47 line issue with %%[Landscape] command fixed.

If a text file contained the %%[Landscape] command on the first line, and 47 lines of text below it, the TIFF message file converter program (EPSTIFF) would distort the image with a number of horizontal scan lines.

  1. EPSTIFF.EXE optimised for bulk fax jobs.

The TIFF message file converter program (EPSTIFF) has been better optimised for large fax shots on all supported platforms.

Zetafax configuration.

  1. Enhanced LCR security.

The Zetafax Least Cost Routing (LCR) link configuration now supports alphanumeric passwords.

  1. LCR e-mail link optimisation.

LCR configuration resolves link mail addresses in name@domain.com format, and need not be address book resolved.

  1. Brooktrout configuration.

The Brooktrout intelligent fax board configuration dialog has been optimised for a 640x480 screen resolution, and the text refined for easier configuration of high-density solutions (PRI).


For details of new features in this release please see \zfax\system\WHATSNEW.HTM (where 'zfax' is the name of the directory where the Zetafax server files reside).

Last updated: 29 September 2000 (GC/DH)

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